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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Courier New]I am 21 years old and I have had beautiful skin my whole life. Every once in a while i would get a zit. Then I received the Depro-vera shot for birth control (worst mistake of my life!) and my face went out of control. I had cystic acne, white heads and scarring. It was horrible, especially since i work on television and am going back on air in january. I went to my dermatologist determind to have laser treatment. She put me on minocycline twice a day and differin gel, then in two months I am going to have the smoothbeam laser treatment done. I am SOOOO scared about the differin, i have heard such conflicting stories about peoples experiences and and praying my face doesnt get horrible and breakout or peel off. I have decided to keep a journal all the way up to the laser treatment. I see a lot of accutane journals but not much about these treatments. If people are interested in keeping in touch and reading my journal let me know and id be glad to share my experience and help others :) !![/FONT][/COLOR]

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