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blood test today to check my white blood cell count. routine blood test next week.

before accutane, i had a blackhead on the side of my nose. then, when i got on accutane, it kinda swelled. it looked like a whitehead except with a black spot. bigger than a normal blackhead. anyways, suddenly last week, it explodes. full force, really big nasty zit. so i squeezed the living daylights out of it. and then it was big and red and swollen and gross. and i put hydrocortisone 1% on it. that certainly worked, though the area looks very dry now. kinda like old lady skin.

pimple i had on chin (very small one) has been there forEVER now. i had it before accutane. but recently, it swelled up and i squeezed it. its gone now.

so 2 zits this month so far. i guess that's not too bad. but i thought that by this point in my treatment, i wouldn't be getting any zits at all. that scares me for what is coming after the treatment. hmm...

i'm really pale. makes my red marks look bad. i shall attempt to lay in the sun this weekend. those red marks are fading, i guess. i wish they'd fade a little bit faster.

side effects basically non-existent.

derm appt. on the 22nd.

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