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Well...if any of you have read my previous posts, you would know that I ditched conventional medicine -mino and retin-a for a more natural approach- herbal medication.

Its has been 3 weeks since my first visit to my naturopath. He prescribed herbal tonics and a dermatological cream which I can liberally apply to my face however often I want without any drying effect what-so-ever!

I cannot believe the transformation that has occured throughout the last 3 weeks. I look and feel my best. I had a large cyst on my left cheek which has been there since January 2003. Whilst on mino and retin-a the cyst just grew larger and larger. It eventually became an abscess. I was told that I had to be realistic and come to terms with the fact that there would be scaring. My skin specialist spoke about steroid injections but was concerned about the pitted scaring that would result- I was told to consider visiting a cosmetic surgeon to have it cut out as the scaring would at least be more cosmetically acceptable and the surface of the skin would not look uneven. She wasn't even sure if accutane would fix that particular can imagine how much I cried.

I also had about 4 smaller cysts on my right cheek and was told there were other smaller ones underneath my skin. If you ran your fingers over my right cheek you could feel the lumps and bumps.

I am happy to report that the large cyst on my left cheek is about half the size of what it was..each day i keep seeing it get smaller and smaller. The cysts on my right cheek are practically gone except for 2 very small lumps under my skin, but the difference is truly amazing. When I run my fingers over my right cheek it feels smoother then it has in such a long time. Everyone cannot believe the difference. I have some pitted scaring on my right cheek but my naturopath keeps telling me that that will heal also and to continue applying the cream to my face as often as i can....if it cures my pitted scaring then I will hail this the miracle cure.......i am keeping positive and keeping my fingers crossed...!!

I'll post my final results here...

I am so EXCITED!!!!!!

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