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Wow, by reading the first post and seeing how you felt about your seemed like you just read my mind. I'm 17, almost 18 and I've had acne since I was in 5th grade. I had a problem before I started getting acne, where I was extremely ichy and it drove me nuts because 1) it made me really nervous!! 2) it seems like i had to go through tons of clothes to find what didn't iritate me and what felt soft enough. When I was a baby I was on a lot of antibiotics and everything and in 3rd grade, I had pnemonia and I think that is when the ichiness started. So I got my acne in 5th grade and then started developing around I am pretty sure that my acne is not mostly from hormones but from Candida. I've tried a lot of products and it was either that they didn't work or that my face would clear up a little and I would be so relieved and then the acne would just come back!! Right now, I'm watching my diet REALLY well and using some products. Even by watching my diet extremely, I haven't seen major improvement but they say it takes about 3 weeks or so. But what I really felt like telling everyone is how it makes me feel because sometimes I think I'm alone with this, even though I know other people have acne. I look around at the girls at school and even though I'm sure they wear tons of make-up, I really doubt a lot of them have acne or if they do, it can't be bad enough where their acne can't be covered up. I HATE it when some of my friends whine about having a couple small pimples on their face and how they look like **** when compared to the acne on my face, it's nothing. I feel like they have no idea what I'm going through and that they just see the apperance part and don't understand the pain that some people have to go through sometimes with their acne and how much it hurts. People tell me that it's not that bad and to not worry about it so much but I really can't help it! It's the worst feeling in the world touching my face once in a while and feeling all of these huge bumps under my skin (i have boils too). Even with make-up, I feel like the first thing people notice is my acne and that maybe a lot of guys don't notice me or want to date my because of that. I get so tired of doing my make-up every morning and trying so hard to make my skin look clean but other people have it so easy with clear skin. It also sucks when I go to the beach or go swimming because then I'm completely worried about my acne showing and looking so ugly. Even when I wake up in the morning & I want to go to the gym...I feel like I have to put some make-up on and I feel dumb because of that because sometimes my family members will say stuff like why do you need to put make-up on to go to the gym?..and I know it's bad to exercise and sweat wearing make-up. It would make me feel a million times worse though if I didn't. I also dread sleeping over friend's houses because at night I really should remove the concealer and it makes me feel so insecure letting them see me without make-up even if they honestly, don't care how I look because they are my friends. AND even with make-up I hate looking in the mirror or talking to people and sometimes I'll feel like I did a good job with my make-up in the morning and I'm confident..then I look in the mirror with diff. lighting or something and I see through all the just hurts and I feel like I'm being punished. All I want in the end is to be scar-free even if that means I need to do that with lazer or something. All I think about is how much pressure would be put off my chest, just waking up and having clear skin & worrying about other, more important things in my life. I wish you all the best of luck and know that your not alone! :)

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