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Growing out of it?
Dec 11, 2005
i have a bunch of questions so if someone could help me out id be really grateful!...

my mom had acne about as bad as i do right now, she had it as a teen and then grew out of it after high school. if my mom grew out of it does that mean i will too?
also, i know your body changes and whatnot every couple years, is that why sometimes people grow out of acne after highschool and some people who never had it get it after high school? if your on a BCP or spiro that changes your hormones, will that disrupt the change and possibly make the acne stay instead of letting me grow out of it? if that makes any sense...
I'm only 17...ive had acne since i was about currently on spironolactone, 50 mg twice a day and (i never miss a pill) and ortho tricyclin
ive taken ortho since the 1st week of october and the spiro since nov. 14. my skin is not at its best right now at all. i also use a foaming tea tree wash form the body shop everyday, then i put on Cleocin-T topical and then put a mattifying face lotion from L'occitane over that. I use tea tree mask once a week and the exfoliating scrub once a week, and a blue corn mask from the body shop once a week also.
Things arent looking good for me at all. my face is a mess right now and all these zits are really really painful.
I have low estrogen (probably from my eating disorder, which has been gone for almost a year and a half) and the birth control and spiro should help that but im not sure. i thought that would help my breakouts some and so far nothing. my hair is less oily though and im not sure about my face because i use mattifying lotion in the morning.
i'm not sure if i want to take spiro anymore because it doesnt seem to work at all. i know it takes a long time to work for some people but the longest i heard was 2 or 3 months. im going on 2 months this week so ill just wait it out i guess.

any thoughts on spiro? am i too young to take it? should i up my milligrams?
im not sure my acne is hormonal...well i think it is because i had it worst around my mouth, my forehead always had zits but i think those come more from stress than anything else. and i got acne when i started..."developing" so im guessing hormones had to do with it.
im getting really discouraged and thinking nothing will work for me. accutane is not an option because my hair was falling out enough and the side effects just sound like too much.
but im really depressed, i hate wearing makeup, so i dont cover the zits up and its mortifying to walk around places knowing u have tons of red bumps and marks on your face...i hate looking anyone in the eye... all i want to do is be able to touch my face and not have 12 zits come up right after...its something people with normal skin take forgranted, just being able to touch their face without exploding with pimples!

anyways im
can anyone help me out w/ the questions?

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