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Alright...well I guess it's my turn now. My name is Lauren and I'm 18 years old..this really does feel like an AA meeting...and like the majority of the people looking at these threads, I have acne on my face. Like Allison mentioned, I am, unfortunately, on my 2nd round of Accutane. Before my first round of Accutane, I had tried all the topical creams, antibiotics, proactiv, and so on; and nothing was working for me permanently. So when I went on Accutane the first time I had acne on face but the majority of it was on my chest and back. I was on Accutane for 6 months (starting last November), which is one month longer than most Accutane users are on the medicine. My dermotoligist told me that for some reason my body was slow to respond to the medicine and needed to extend the medicine for an extra month. So after I ended my 6 month treatment (April), I still had acne but it had definitely cleared up. My derm. told me that the Accutane was still in my system and would continue to work. So around May I was completely clear of any acne anywhere on my body. I was sooo excited to not have a single zit anywhere! It was the first time in I don't know when...Until about the middle of this past September did my face start breaking out a little bit and gradually grew. I had gone almost 5 months with no acne! I didn't have any acne on my chest or back and I'm still 100% clear of acne in those areas, but my face has broken out again, when my Derm. told me that I should never have acne again except for the rare, occasional break out. My acne isn't as severe as it used to be, but I do have acne on my face again and it's not supposed to be there after going through the Accutane treatment. Of course I'm very frustrated with my body cause it just had to bring some acne back. So 6 days ago I went back to my dermotologist and she suggested that I go on a second round of Accutane since my body was slow to respond, and most likely after this treatment, my face will be comptely clear and remain that way...forever. :bouncing: One reason she did suggest that my body is slow to respond to the Accutane is that I might have more hormones than the normal body, producing more oils, and resulting in clogged pores and acne. So I've been through the Accutane treatment once, and I'm about to go through it again. My dermotologist says that the 2nd round won't be as bad as the first round just because the acne is gone everywhere except the few areas on my face. I took my first dosage of Accutane last night...with a fatty food, whole milk, (highly recommended for the pill(s) to work at it's highest potential). I'm both excited but hesistant about this second process, just because I know how "rough" the first treatment was. So if anyone has any questions about the whole Accutane process, I've been through it already and will try to answer any questions that you might have. I really hope that La and Al's Accutane Support Group (catchy, huh? :) ) with help anyone who needs answers or support through the process of their Accutane treatment.

So that's pretty much my acne autobiography of accutane for the past year. Yeah..i'm pretty sure this is a lengthy thread,but rambling is apparently my thing when it comes to tellin' I guess it's your turn Al!!:) Love u! and Best of Luck to everyone!
lexla...the dosage I'm on, I take 60 mg a day. At one point during my 1st round of Accutane i was alternating 60 mg with 80 mg every other night! I just drink half a glass of whole milk when i take the pill...not the whole day. taking accutane on an empty stomach or just with water doesn't work as well as when u take it with a fatty food like the whole milk,peanut butter,etc. As to the red marks...i def. had a lot of those, and yes they did go away after my 1st treatment. It took some time for them to go away, but my Derm. gave me tazorac cream to help with the red marks and scaring. I do have scaring on my back, but it is gradually going away. I might do laser treatment after i am done with my 2nd treatment because the scars won't be completely gone. It might be awhile before I get that laser work done since you have to wait a lengthy period of time, like about a year i think, after your accutane course ended before you can have the laser treatment. If you have any more questions, it's no problem and feel free to ask me anything about my accutane course(s)! good luck 2 u 2!!:)
That was great Al! I commend you on your wonderful ability to write like a pro...or a talk show host, which ever you prefer. And if you shrivel up into a prune anytime soon, call me, cause then I might get worried about you and need to come to the rescue...I should've expected that you would tie Jessica Simpson into this Accutane some how, lol, but I never knew that she was on Accutane. I just always saw her on those Proactiv infomercials. I might give her a quick call and ask how her experience went. :) I don't think your pharmacist understands the dosage that you're supposed to be taking, cause with 40 mg pills there's no possible way for you to be taking 20 mg pills the 1st 2 weeks. and if they were right....80 mg is way too much for you to be taking for you only be on it for a few days. 80 mg is usually necessary if your body is slow to respond after about 4 to 5 months, or prob. if your acne is more severe. I'd call and ask them if they know what they're doing, lol..but maybe not exactly in those words.-- I'm very happy that you got some whole milk. I can only drink like half a glass of it cause it's so THICK, but if it does the trick...I'll all for it!

So it's my third day on Accutane, you wouldn't think that just after 3 days you would be able to notice a difference, but I have. Maybe it's cause I can tell when my body is doing weird things or because I've been through the treatment once before and know what is supposed to happen to my body during the process....or it could just be a psychological effect and nothing has really happened yet, lol. Anyway, psychological or not, I went to bed last night with barely any visable white heads and woke up with about 3 ready to explode. The weird thing about this Accutane is that zits appear quickly, get infected quickly, and I get rid of them quickly. Although derms say that you shouldn't pop your zits unless they are on the verge of busting :nono: ...I just can't help it, but I need to work on that cause if I pop them too early than I'll get scaring on my face, and that isn't very fun. Not to mention that my face felt dryer this morning, so I loaded up on the moisturizer, my nose was very dry, and my elbows and legs were dry this morning as well, so I lotioned them up. I'll probably bust out my humidifier tonight and get it ready for action. That noise of the humidifier always got on my nerves, but you learn to get used to it and become immune to the loud noise after a few weeks. My back and chest are still 100% clear. My back does feel a little dry right now, but hopefully I won't have any zits on my chest or back during my 2nd round of Accutane,since they were successfully taken care of during my 1st round. This whole process still makes me hesitant..but we just have to think positive no matter how miserable we might get during this process. you and i (and every other Accutane user) just have to remember that in 5 months, we'll never have to deal with another zit again! :bouncing:

This group is going really well and I get excited whenever I get on healthboards to see if we have any new threads. I'm glad that we're in this together!! love u alli! **I'm comin' down on tues. after my bball game, by the way. and i'm staying til friday!! ahh!!!
Hey Al! feels like a long time since I've been able to get on here and give my updates. With basketball and then coming down to see you and everyone else in Jasper, I've had no time. But I had an awesome time at Opryland and gettin' to see you!! Love you Al!

Since I wasn't able to have my humidifier while i was out of town, I experienced more dryness than normal and had to moisturize my face three times, before it was somewhat free of dryness. Al, do you think that my face is still dry after moisturizing just because it's so cold outside and I'm on Accutane...or my moisturizer isn't strong enough? I'm using Dove Day Time Moisturizer...but if you aren't dry on your face at all, than maybe I should switch to the Cetaphil.

I've almost come to the point where I can't go anywhere without some sort of lip moisturizer/chap stick. I've been lathering up all day, but haven't quite gotten to the point where my lips are severely chapped and peeling masively. fun. I bought some aquaphor,but I can't seem to find it, so I'll probably have to go back to Walgreens and get some more.

Also, I just checked and I've been on my Accutane for a week and 2 days, and surprising, my face appears to be reducing the amount of zits, instead of increasing. I know that the zits start popping up at an unbelievable pace between 2 and 3 weeks, but I'm hoping that since I am on my 2nd round of Accutane that the huge amount of zits that are expected to pop up isn't as big as I experienced during my 1st round of the medicine.

As my process of my 2nd round of Accutane continues, I remember all of the side effects that I experienced during my 1st round of Accutane. After several months, I remember having blotches/scabs on my arms because my skin was so dry and ,therefore, I had to moisturize constantly. However, during this round, my elbows seems relatively dry compared to how they normally are. I don't remember my elbows ever being dry during my 1st round. I'm also hoping that knowing that fatty foods helps Accutane work better will help my 2nd round be more successful than the 1st.

I just pray that this round will be successful and the LAST time I'll ever have to use Accutane or any other acne treatment. I constantly have to tell myself that I would rather be miserable with acne for five months, than miserable with acne for the rest of my life. It'll all be over soon!! :bouncing:
Hi there! My name is suzzane (or suzy, in case you couldnt tell already by my user name) and im 20 years old, and last december-may i went on accutane. My experience was rather rocky... but worth every bit of trouble in the end because my face was PERFECT and the side effects quickly wore off after i stopped taking the medicine. ok so first of all, i started taking it because i was having breakouts on my face and back, and then while i was taking it i broke out until the 3rd month and then WHAM! my face was totally clear!! :bouncing:

oh for whoever was saying that they have a hard time not picking at their zits, for the love of god if you want to avoid what i went through on accutane DONT PICK AT YOUR FACE!!! :nono: i have such a hard time not picking at my zits and because of that, and since being on accutane your face tends to break out more, i had these huge scabs all over my face it was just awful. then, i tried using la mer moisturizer and it was heaven sent! it cleared up my face while on accutane within a week, and the scabs all healed up nicely, and it was keeping a hold of the dryness that i was experiencing. it was rather pricey (about $100 for a bottle of the stuff) but well worth it. anyway, now i've been off of it since may and my face has been breaking out mildly since but to the point where it's frustrating, and now my chest is breaking out! my back is 100% perfectly clear so at least it worked with that. anyway, i want to go on it again but i am so scared because last time the only side effect i experienced (but rather major one) was depression. not mental depression like "oh i hate my life..." but the physical depression, where all i wanted to do was sleep and i had ZERO motivation.

has anyone else experienced this? or, if not, does anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent the depression that comes with accutane? because i have the mcats coming up in april so i cant afford to have no motivation, but i really wanted to start taking accutane again because it worked like a dream come true for me and im hoping a 2nd round would really do the trick.

also, (i think it was Al who wanted to do the laser treatment to even out your skin...) when i was on accutane i kept getting chemical peels. my derm is really great but she likes to go outside the box alot, if you will, and still thought we should try to do mild peels. hey im not complaining though because it really helped with my skin and evening out the redness and fading the scars from previous acne. also i was very surprised that it didnt scald my face off haha i was just fine! i doubt your derms would let you do this, as most derms are against it, but after being on accutane i would highly suggest doing a round of chemical peels and facials (i've seen that photo facial thing you're talking about on E! and it sounded really great, if you get any info on it you should definitely post it). i've also tried microdermabrasion and didn't like it at all, it didnt make a difference and i blew like $600 on it... :mad:
Hey Al and All!

I haven't really experienced much difference since I posted the other day. My face is still dry, my lips are still chapped,and I'm still amazed that my acne seems to be clearing up rather than breaking out more. I haven't reached that 2 to 3 week period,but I'm completley prepared for my face to go from improving to bam! zits galore..hopefully that will NOT be the case. As to my moisturizer, I think I'm going to go to the drugstore soon and try the Cetaphil moisturizer since I've seen that many Accutane patients use it. My Dove moisturizer is great when it's not winter and when I'm not on Accutane and completely dried out,but right's not workin'. I did switch from my Neutrogena face wash to the Cetaphil face wash. I like the Cetaphil better because it doesn't feel like my face is shriveling up after I wash my face and it also makes my skin feel softer.

Al...I'll probably look into getting some Vitamin E pills since you aren't experiencing any dryness on your face. Now if only I could get some ProActiv moisturizer lol. I think there might be a ProActiv stand in our mall, and maybe they have it!! I might check that out next time I'm at the mall...I know that you were tired after we got back from opryland. I only sat in my car and cried because you did not say good bye... lol just kidding! i was so tired too...and i had to drive 2 hrs back to k-town the next morning and go to dollywood w/ the fam. lol. but i hope i get to see you soon!! before we go get those facials! :D Love u!!

Erin... Yeah the whole thing about acne being hormonal drives me crazy! My derm. said that i probably have stronger hormones obviously cause my acne will never completely go away and also because i had to go on birth control for irregular mentrual cycles. But fortunately i've been regual without the birth control for several months now, so maybe my hormones have calmed down a bit. The moisturizer and makeup thing is completely okay. If it weren't for moisturizer I don't know what i'd do! I use Neutrogena make up because it doesn't clog your pores and it helps clear up the acne. During my 1st round of Accutane, my derm. asked me what make up i was using and I told her Neutrogena and she said that Neutrogena was good. So I only use Neutrogena when it comes to foundation, concealer, and powder. I also use a loose powder because I read in a magazine that did a special about "Covering up Acne" that loose powder helps the make up proportion more evenly and covers up the zits well. Many derm. recommend the line of make up products that might be offered at your dermotologist's office, but the Neutrogena is a great make up especially when you have acne.
In most Accutane cases the severe acne is supposed to start up around the 2nd or 3rd week,like you've already said, and it usually lasts til the 3rd month. After the 3rd month, your acne should start decreasing as the days go on and appear less and less. During my first round of Accutane, I was not at the point where my Derm. thought I should be and my acne did not start clearing up until around the 5th and 6th month(my body was slow to respond, so my treatment was extended) and eventually was completely gone about a month after I had ended my Accutane treatment. If you didn't read my very first post, my acne was gone for about 5 months and then appeared about this past Sept., so that's why I'm on my 2nd round of Accutane. Best of luck to you, and if you have any more questions...ask away!

Hey Suzy...when I was on Accutane my first round, i had PLENTY of side effects and do remember feeling less energetic and motivated probably because at one point i was doing 60 mg alternating with 80 mg. I'd def. go on the accutane for a 2nd round and mention the depression thing to your derm. Maybe she'll lower the dosage so you won't have depression and the treatment will still be as effective even though the dosage is lower. From what i read, most of your acne is gone from your first in my case on my back and chest...and a higher dosage won't be required, and you won't experience depression. I might look into that chemical peel treatment and ask my derm. what she thinks about it. I completely trust my derm. with her opinion on things, so hopefully she'll give me good/affordable options to get rid of red marks and scars when I'm done w/ my 2nd round. I def. learned from my 1st round that picking at pimples is a HORRIBLE idea and it only slows down the process, so this time round, i've been better at picking at pimples and only popping the ones that are about to explode. Thanks for your post about your experience and recommendations about getting rid of the marks and scars...and if you decide to go with a 2nd of luck to you!!

Good luck to everyone! Keep your heads up and don't get pessimistic about this process! We're all in this together!! :D
ALLI!! It's been soo long since I've been on here to post anything. I got on here awhile ago and you hadn't posted anything recent, and I haven't check in about a month, and I got on here to check something else and I saw our thread! I miss you a lot and I can't wait for Makin' Music...Mel got me a ticket! I'm really happy for you that your treatment is going really well! I'll talk to you and hopefully see yousoon! Sorry I couldn't come up this past weekend. I really wish I didn't have basketball and could've come..but bball will be over soon and I can come visit ya'll. :bouncing: Love you!!

My 2nd course of Accutane treatment is going EXTREMELY well! Especially compared to my first course of Accutane. During my first course I had acne everywhere and it slowly faded and wasn't completely gone til the end of my 6th month. However, I'm on my 3rd month of my 2nd course of Accutane and I barely have any acne on my face. My back and chest have been 100% clear during this course (the 1st course of Accutane took care of my back and chest completely). Right now I only have one pimple on my face and it is already scabbing over and drying up. I do have some red marks on my cheeks from my 1st treatment of Accutane, and I hope to take care of those marks when my treatment is over. But right now I just use green concealer on those spots and then use Neutrogena liquid makeup to cover up the concealer. I never really understood why they have green concealer. But my friend...Heather..told me that since green is opposite of red on the color scale that the green helps the marks to be less visible.
I anticipated a harder time on my 2nd round of Accutane just because my 1st round was so rough, but it has turned to be way better than i would have ever imagined. My skin is still really dry and my nose is the worst part. It is always dry and bleeds. Not like continuous blood flowing, but it is red after blowing my nose. ugh. I still continue to take Vitamin E with my Accutane and use my humidifier and lather up with lotion. My lips are def. less chapped this time around. They don't peel like they did a year ago. I'm still taking 80 mg a day and I go back to my derm. in about 2 weeks. This iPledge thing is a good idea just so it will help girls not become pregnant while on the med., but I just hope I don't forget to fill out the information and get online for that thing, or else I won't be getting my pills. AHH.
Alright..well I hope that everyone is handling their Accutane treatment well and I'm so excited that I'm more than halfway through my treatment with little to no acne. I can't wait for those facials Al!! Yeay! Good luck to everyone and keep posting!

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