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Hey Al!,That facial thing sounds like a wonderful idea! That'd be tons of fun and a good way to celebrate the end of our Accutane treatments and suffering for 5 months, lol.

I'm on Amnesteem too but it's the exact same thing as Accutane, except that it's the generic brand and cheaper, but it performs the exact same way as Accutane does. I'm just gonna say Accutane when talking about it on here, since they are the same thing and some people might get confused if they read this and don't know what Amnesteem is. But just for you to know, if you go to the pharmacists and they try to offer you something else that doesn't start with the letter 'A' and says that it works just like Accutane...DON'T BUY/TAKE IT! My derm. told me that some pharmacists will tell u just to buy this different brand and it's the same as Accutane,but it's really not. So the Amnesteem is okay (good with the letter 'A'), but nothing else besides Amnesteem or Accutane.

I went to Target to get a humidifier filter for my humidifier but they didn't have the right filter for my model, so I'll have to go to the exact Target where I bought my humidifier last year and see if they have the right filter for my model. I need to get it goin' cause that humidifier really makes a difference on how dry my skin is. This morning I moisturized my face 3 times and it was STILL dry! This cold weather doesn't help much either.

I've been using Dove Day Time moisturizer on my face. It worked well for me last year, and i used a Dove face cleanser also, and it was good and didn't dry me out too badly or make my skin burn...i'll have to go get me another bottle of that stuff. I read about a lot of people using the Cetaphil, so if you think it works well for you, than I might try that as well. I just use the Dove products because Hea's mom said they worked well for Tyler when he was on Accutane. Hea is actually on Accutane right now, so she could get on and write on our support group!

I haven't seen much difference between today and yesterday. I feel my lips getting dry as I progress in my treatment. I do remember from my first round of Accutane that I couldn't go ANYWHERE without some sort of chapstick and keeping them moisturized at all times. They'd get so dry sometimes that they'd just peel off and look/feel horrible. The Aquaphor is really awesome, so if you haven't gotten a tube of that stuff, then u really should, Al!

Well, I'm bout to go watch a movie w/ my cuz,but I'm not sure if I'll be able to write anything tomorrow because of my FULL day of basketball starting at 10:30 AM and ending at 7:30 pm...consisting of both practice and a basketball game, with eating with the team in between. I'll see you either Tuesday night, but probably Wednesday when I'm in town. I can't wait! We need to have a sleepover! love you al!!

*Keep on writing your comments or questions about Accutane and become apart of La and Al's Support group!! ;)

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