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Alright...well I guess it's my turn now. My name is Lauren and I'm 18 years old..this really does feel like an AA meeting...and like the majority of the people looking at these threads, I have acne on my face. Like Allison mentioned, I am, unfortunately, on my 2nd round of Accutane. Before my first round of Accutane, I had tried all the topical creams, antibiotics, proactiv, and so on; and nothing was working for me permanently. So when I went on Accutane the first time I had acne on face but the majority of it was on my chest and back. I was on Accutane for 6 months (starting last November), which is one month longer than most Accutane users are on the medicine. My dermotoligist told me that for some reason my body was slow to respond to the medicine and needed to extend the medicine for an extra month. So after I ended my 6 month treatment (April), I still had acne but it had definitely cleared up. My derm. told me that the Accutane was still in my system and would continue to work. So around May I was completely clear of any acne anywhere on my body. I was sooo excited to not have a single zit anywhere! It was the first time in I don't know when...Until about the middle of this past September did my face start breaking out a little bit and gradually grew. I had gone almost 5 months with no acne! I didn't have any acne on my chest or back and I'm still 100% clear of acne in those areas, but my face has broken out again, when my Derm. told me that I should never have acne again except for the rare, occasional break out. My acne isn't as severe as it used to be, but I do have acne on my face again and it's not supposed to be there after going through the Accutane treatment. Of course I'm very frustrated with my body cause it just had to bring some acne back. So 6 days ago I went back to my dermotologist and she suggested that I go on a second round of Accutane since my body was slow to respond, and most likely after this treatment, my face will be comptely clear and remain that way...forever. :bouncing: One reason she did suggest that my body is slow to respond to the Accutane is that I might have more hormones than the normal body, producing more oils, and resulting in clogged pores and acne. So I've been through the Accutane treatment once, and I'm about to go through it again. My dermotologist says that the 2nd round won't be as bad as the first round just because the acne is gone everywhere except the few areas on my face. I took my first dosage of Accutane last night...with a fatty food, whole milk, (highly recommended for the pill(s) to work at it's highest potential). I'm both excited but hesistant about this second process, just because I know how "rough" the first treatment was. So if anyone has any questions about the whole Accutane process, I've been through it already and will try to answer any questions that you might have. I really hope that La and Al's Accutane Support Group (catchy, huh? :) ) with help anyone who needs answers or support through the process of their Accutane treatment.

So that's pretty much my acne autobiography of accutane for the past year. Yeah..i'm pretty sure this is a lengthy thread,but rambling is apparently my thing when it comes to tellin' I guess it's your turn Al!!:) Love u! and Best of Luck to everyone!

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