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And a second nose. Grrrrrr

When I was in Jr. High and Highschool my acne was terrible. My face was always COVERED in it. I was teased mercilisly(sp?) and no one of the oposite sex would even glance my direction. I always got asked the question, always quite seriously, "Do you wash your face?" :confused: OF COURSE I WASH MY FACE!!!

I got older and my acne faded some. It by no means went away, but with a little concealer it became managable and I wasn't ashamed to be seen in public anymore.

The past couple months has been terrible again! I really do look like I have a horn and second nose sprouting on my face. My chin is covered in acne, everything from teeny little bumps to gigantic, under-the-surface volcanos. I have a spattering of zits over the rest of my face as well.

I am finding it difficult to even get out with friends (these friends have never seen me with tons of acne before). I accepted it in school, I guess because I hadn't known anything different, but I'm having a hard time adjusting to this again. :o

Can anybody give me recomendations for good over the counter treatments? I need something effective that doesn't dry out my skin. When I use clearasil and stuff like that it works for a little bit, but my skin overcompensates and becomes terribly oily. Does tea tree oil work for anyone? Could you recomend a nice mild cleanser as well? Thanks so much.

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