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I agree with anachron, you are doing the right thing by being on Accutane. Don't give up on it - it works, and it works well.

People in this world are so ignorant...that is why they make the comments they do. Most people believe that acne is just something that "dirty" people have; that it's for people who don't wash their face - WRONG. Anyone and everyone can fall victim to acne, no matter how clean you are or how much makeup you wear!

When I was breaking out really bad on Accutane and I would get comments like that, I always thought about KARMA - what goes around comes around, and when people go out of their way to make rude comments like that, they are bound to get something crummy in return somewhere down the line. Thinking that always made me feel better! (I think it's true too, b/c two of my now "ex" best friends that used to rub it in my face about how "clear" their skin was, now have breakouts all over.....hmm...)

Accutane rocks and you'll come off it with clear skin! I say that with nearly a 100% guarantee! Thinking about how your skin is gonna look just a few months down the road should cheer you up as well. :) Take care.
It sucks that ppl can be so mean! I'v had acne for years now and I know it's totally changed my personality. I'm way too self conscious about it. I love to go tanning, but to get a tan on your face you can't wear makeup. I can barely bring myself to go to the tanning salon knowing I can't cover up my acne with makeup. I think that everyone in there is judging me. When I was younger and first started getting acne pretty bad, I went to visit some family for a week on summer vacation. The first thing my young cousin asked me was what happened to your face. I know he was to young to understand but it still hurt so much. Then to make it worse, my Aunt took me shopping the next day. We went to a beauty supply store and she started asking everyone she could (not just sales ppl) what to do about my acne. Then they'd stand there looking at me making suggestions that I already knew. It was one of the most horrifying days of my life! I know my aunt meant well, but she didn't quite go about it in the right way. The only person I talk to about my acne is my boyfriend and my best friend. Anyone else can just their comments to themselves. Wow it totally feels good to vent. Good luck y'all. Don't let anybody get you down. Your acne isn't who you are, It's just temporarily a tiny part of the package.

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