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It has been a couple of years since I have started reading this forum, although this is my first thread so I hope you donít mind the long posting. Many of the threads are helpful, especially the first one I read about facial light therapy. I was frustrated and ready to spend thousands on some laser treatment until I read the bad experiences that were posted on the forum so I am very thankful for those that posted the materials. I remember reading the good posts about Burtís Bees products, vitamin B5 and zinc, and tried them out, but for the past year and a half, Iím not really sure if they work. It seems that I was getting less cysts and acnes, but I would be more inclined to say that my face was getting better naturally even without those products.

When I came back from a party in April 05, my face suddenly broke out with multiple cysts after remaining somewhat clear for about a week. Thatís been the story, breakout, clear, breakout, clear, a never-ending emotional roller-coaster. I had been really worried about accutane previously because of the side effects that people posted in the forum. My stomach and head responded badly to antibiotics e.g. minocycline and Retin-A made my face look like a tomato with hairs and bumps. Of course, I was afraid my body is going to respond very badly to accutane, but I was too upset to care and decided to give accutane a try. Just for information, I am 5í9 and 160 lbs, less than 8% body fat, 23 year old Asian, and the nurse calculated accutane dosage between 8000-10000 mg for my size. I started with 40 mg daily in the first month and finished the rest with 60 mg daily. I started around early April 05 and finished in mid October 05, total of 11,200 mg. All I can say is that this drug is unbelievable! I experienced the dry nose, cracked face, dry skins. When I read the story about the nosebleed, I was prepared for it, but all that happened was blood in the phlegm. You know sometimes in the morning when you blow your nose to get rid of the phlegm? Well, thereís blood there just because the inside of the nose is dry, but I certainly would not call it a nosebleed where blood would pour out of the nose. Massive break-outs? Fortunately it didnít happen to me, the breakouts were normal to me. In the morning I lightly wash my face with water, especially around the T-zone, use the Burtís Bees lettuce toner to make it not dry, Oil of Olay SPF 15, and I forgot the facial cream (mineral oil based) I use around (not on) my lips since those areas tend to get dry easily from the mouth that constantly stretches the skin from eating, talking, etc. At night I would wash my face with Burtís Bees lettuce soap, rinse and scrub my face with my hands to completely get rid of the dead skin. I think I spent half an hour nightly doing that because if I donít, on the next day there would be peeling dead skins all over my face, sort of like the dry peeling skin after sunburn. I shave everyday at night and shower at night so I donít do anything to my face the whole day. My face would look funky after the hot shower, but overnight, new skin would resurface and it looks very nice. Many times, my face would look like a tomato, especially when itís hot outside, but I didnít mind because my skin was no longer oily. That was the best part, I could go on a whole day without rinsing my T-zone with water, and my face would be fine. The blackheads in my nose just disappeared whereas before I could squeeze some out every night. In the morning, I would usually use conditioner on my hair because it was oily and smells greasy, but once accutane stops the oil, my hair would still smell great from the shampoo from last night, simply unbelievable!

Going back to my question, why not try accutane? I donít know what it will do to my body in the long terms, but Iím willing to take the risk. A shorter good life is much better than a long miserable life. I hate the fact that I had to hide in my room whenever the acnes come out, never want to experience that ever again. It was demoralizing when I overheard some girls saying my face was hideous and dirty. Acne just completely made me insane. Now I can go anywhere with utmost confidence, even under those bright white lights in the jewelry stores that really expose the scars and acnes. Of course, my face is not smooth, 6 years of acne will do that to you, but hey, it looks pretty good to me. I had a total of 2 acne ever since I stopped accutane in mid-October. I hope my thread will help those who still suffer from acne and I hope these crazy things will never come back.

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