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Re: Noob Questions
Dec 27, 2005
hi there,
1. Yes, hormonal changes in puberty are a main cause (androgens increase - ex. testosterone which are linked to acne).
2. Foods will not cause acne unless you have a food intolerance / allergy. Some people report that milk products make their acne worse (i.e. is not a cause, just an aggravator) - at least according to my derm. Lots of people have said that cutting out certain foods has helped them tho - so there must to something to it!
3. no, no, and no! If this was true practically every person on earth of every age would have acne.
4. Some people say the sun & getting a tan helps in the short term. The long term benefits are questionable. The long term negative effects (cancer) far outweigh any short term benefits, so this probably isn't a good solution. I sometimes use a self-tanner to hide acne ... since I'm really pale and zits show a lot. Sun / tanning salons are very bad for your skin in the long term tho!
5. Try not to pop them, it WILL make them worse. You won't get scars for sure 100% if you pop, but chances are you won't get them if you don't. If you do get them, you can get rid of them by peels and laser treatments - but that's expensive and takes a while. Probably not worth the risk. Try your best not to (I know how hard it is to fight the urge to pick)
6. That;s a tough question! I think that's what everyone wants to figure out.
7. That will probably just really dry your face out. You need to figure out what will clean out your pores. Rubbing alcohol probably won't do that for you.

there are loads of great non-medical tips on the board: asprin mask, diet changes, suggestions for cleansers (non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic), drink loads of water, different vitamins that have helped some people, cosmetic treatments (like facials, peels). Have a look around and try a couple to figure out what works for you.

A dermatologist can really help you to figure out what works for you. So I'd also skip the whole over-the-counter thing (i.e. clearasil and all that junk) and go to a professional instead (like another person said)

Good luck with everything!

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