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Just thought I would post an update. Quick history...I am a 33 year old female, have had moderate to severe acne all over my shoulders, back, arms and chest for the past 14 years (not much but some on my face), and have tried everything except Accutane. I have been using the Aspirin mask for two months and recently added BP cream to my chest area. I am almost 100% clear, with only 3-4 very small spots on my upper arms. I have no inflammation at all and, when I get a pimple, it heals incredibly fast. Usually I just get some black heads. I used to get some really inflamed cysts on my back, chest and upper arms, but now I do not at all. I love my skin now! I can freely show my neck as it is completely clear and feel pretty confident about showing my arms and back. I am considering trying Retin-A again to help with the scars and old red spots. Anyway...what a great, effective, cheap, safe solution! Hope this helps!

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