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Burt's Bees!
Dec 30, 2005
I've noticed that quite a lot of people on this board have used Burt's Bees products. Yesterday, I tried the pore-refining mask and was pleased with the results after only using it once...but I did mix it with a couple of aspirin tablets and a teaspoon of tomato juice! I'm now thinking of getting the soap...but can't decide between the lettuce complexion bar and the garden tomato bar! At the moment, I have quite dry skin, and although the lettuce soap is meant to be for dry skin, I've heard it actually dries skin out?! So I'm a bit confused about that...also, should I get the toner as well? Does it really help to get the toner along with the soap? (It's quite expensive in the UK!) So, should I get:
1) Lettuce soap and tomato toner
2) Tomato soap and lettuce toner
3) Lettuce soap and lettuce toner
4) Tomato soap and tomato toner

I don't have oily skin at all anymore (it used to be so oily, but I didn't do anything to change just went on its own!), but it's rather dry, especially my cheeks. I have moderate acne and am using Retin A, which is helping. I do have some red marks, which is why I was considering the tomato toner, but don't want to irritate/dry out my skin even more! :confused:

Thanks for any help, in advance! :)

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