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My acne was mild to moderate and I didnt see a doctor until I was 21 about it. The clyndermicin lotion started to work within a week and I couldnt believe it. Some people find its not strong enough (1%) and use products like Duac instead which has BP mixed in with it.

As far as my diet goes I cut out 'simple carbs' like rice, pasta, potatoes and bread for about a month and did EV's Digestive system cleanse which is another thread on this board. This had some good results and I have now increased my carb intake using alternatives to the above as follows:-

Oat cerial, biscuits (low GI)
Bergen Bread (soya and linseed)
Pasta (100% Duram wheat only)
New potatoes (rarely eat these as they are medium GI)
Brown rice (again rarely)

There are some very interesting threads on the board about diet, food and acne which you should read before you waste time, money and health on antibiotics. Also out of nowhere everyone is talking about aspirin which I have also found helps me and allows me to relax my diet even moreso.

Hope this helps. ;)

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