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First, To All: Accutane is a form of retinoic acid. Retinol/retinal (vitamin A) converts to retinoic acid in the body. So Accutane is basically an altered vitamin. Regardless of this fact, don't ever think that vitamins are ok for you in large doses. Infact MOST vitamins and minerals have toxicity levels and can even KILL you. Consult a registered dietician (not a derm of regular doc who know nothing about nutrition) and they can tell you all about it.

Second, for those contemplating many cycles of Accutane. I've used Accutane 4 times in about 8 years. All were high dose and short term (5 to 6 mos). Most remission of acne occurred within 2 years to 1 month after cessation of Accutane. My skin became great while on Accutane though.

My skin still sucks and my derm will no longer prescribe high dose Accutane. HOWEVER, he did just prescribe a low-dose/long-term regimen (40mg on Monday and Thursday X indefinetly). There's no research on this and not many have tried it. I just started it so I can't vouch for it yet.

I will say that I calculated the total mg out and if I stay on this regimen for ~2.5 years I will approx. equal the amount I took in my last high dose regimen. Honestly, this sounds like what I should've done years ago, providing that it works at this low dose. You all may want to ask your derms about this. Mine assures me that Accutane will work at ANY dosage (depending on how you tolerate it and your acne severity); the main reason for the high dose is to hopefully eliminate the acne totally.

This low-dose regimen is supposed to have basically no side effects and, think about it, there's no acute exposure to severe high doses...which sounds safer...10,400mg over 6 mos or 2.5years????

Anyone interested can email me and I'll keep them up to date. I will not be keeping a journal here or posting etc. I'm only here to help others with facts and exact personal results etc., not my "personal opinions".

It's only my first week on this regimen so I will not have anything to report for probably a month or so. My email should be available from this site, if not I'll check back (there are a couple others here in my boat that I'm looking for info from) and post my email address.

Best of luck to all!

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