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and accutane... god! i've read so many horror stories about accutane. i just don't think i'd like to go through all that, even though i think what works for one may not work for others... still, is it worth the risk? :confused:


Yes, Yes, Yes, and... YES!! I completely think Accutane is worth it. I have known about .. hmm 5 or 6 people that have been on Accutane (including myself) and none of them had any of those wild and crazy side effects. My boyfriend (23) went on Accutane when he was a freshman in highschool and to this day he has crystal clear skin! I went on a first course of Accutane to cure my severe cystic acne and it worked wonders. I did have some dry lips and dry skin but that was it. I had perfect skin for about three years after that, and then I started getting really tiny pimples every now and then - I freaked out, and so I went on a second course just to completely wipe this curse from my system. I am currently finishing my second course of Accutane, and wow, let me just say I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! This time around I had ZERO side effects, not even dry skin or lips.

You will have bloodtests taken every month - if your body isn't reacting well, you can stop it at any time. But seriously, I too was afraid of the side effects before I first took Accutane - but at the end of those 6 months when I could finally wake up, look in the mirror, and see porcelain doll skin staring back at me, it was COMPLETELY worth it!!!!!! The little things like going out and running errands without makeup on brings me such relief.

If you still want to go a more natural route, I would recommend Epiderm products. The tea tree oil bar, Epiderm microdermabrasion cream, and derma butter moisturizer got me about 95% clear. It's good stuff, and is all natural, packed with antioxidants and fruit extracts that do wonders for the skin. Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc. are just no good for acne (as over the years, I have come to finally realize; plus, there are many articles backing up the claim on how bad these chemicals are for the skin) and Epiderm products don't contain any of that junk - it's just all natural, gentle and nourishing.

By the way, I just turned 21 and have been suffering with acne since I was about 14.

Hope this helps :wave:

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