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Hello! I'm here to get some feedback on a regimen I've been trying for awhile. It includes a number of things that a nutritionist provided me with. Along with some of my own ideas.

[B]Coffee Enema:[/B]
3 cups distilled water.
Bring to Boil, add 3 talblespoons ground organic coffee.
Boil 20 minutes, use coffee filter and let cool to room temp.
Add distilled water to coffee mixture to make 32oz.
Use enema kit, once all 32oz is inside retain 12-15 min. Lay on right side to help coffee clear liver.
Flush everything out.
Drink required 3 juices atleast 45 minutes apart. Its important to drink the juices, if you do the enema and fail to do the juices then your better off not doing the enema.

In conjunction with coffee enema drink 2 of one juice and 1 of the other.
All juices are 8oz each
Juice 1 -- Green Apple and Carrot
Juice 2 -- Watercress, Red Cabbage, Green Apple, Green Pepper, and Lettuce

Squalene (Shark Liver Oil) 2 capsules 3 times a day
Vitamin C Buffered 1 tablet 3 times a day
Evening Primrose Oil 2 capsules 3 times a day.

Collidal Silver recommended dosage (10 day use of 2 tblsp a day)
Pysllium Husk (Fiber supplement) at bed time daily to help maintain regularity.
Safi (Indian Blood purifier) 3 times daily.
Calendula Cream on face at night, and as needed. (I ended up having to buy the Gel form which he didn't think was as good).

Along with these things he recommended that my diet played a huge factor and needed to be changed. He recommend organic foods. I was to stop eating any types of sugars (including fruits). I was to elimintate most sources of protein as he said the parasites in my blood were feeding on it primarily. That protien I was to have should come from wild fish, or occasionally organic things like chicken. He thought that avoided processed chicken was very essential to eleminate the antiobiotics they are fed from entering my body.

Basically my diet was to consist of mostly vegetables (potatoes, greens, etc.) In the morning natural oats for oatmeal, and eating alot of them to help with bowel function.

For the first 2 to 3 weeks my skin stayed generally the same. Small pimples, and no major clearing of the blemishes I already had. However I had been doing everything (including eating 90% well) except the coffee enemas-- which I hadn't done a single one of. At this point my skin was started to break out worse, including a large cystic type of blemish on my nose that made me look very red. The following week I got some advice to continue to give this a chance. I was told that the coffee enemas were a very large part of making this work. So for the next two weeks I did about 11 coffee enemas in 14 days. Also note that I was using a volcano mud daily on my face to exfoliate my skin. The first week of the coffee enemas was amazing. My skin started to clear up dramatically. Cystic type of blemishes simply just started to fade away rather then getting redder and coming to a head. I was very amazed at this point about how this was working. A couple days before that I had run out of squalene. The only local version I could find was a less potent one in combination with Vitamin A. The past week from around New Years to now my skin had gotten quite terrible. The past week my diet has been fairly good, with a few screwups like eating a couple pieces of bread and eating some sugary granola. I got overconfident in the results and started to lapse back into old habits. though my diet was still fairly good. I continued up until a couple of days ago to do all of the things recommended, but my skin has gradually gotten worse and worse. A couple of days ago I decided to continue the regimen but to go back to taking my Bactrim antiobiotic which had previously kept my skin clear. Ive been taking Bactrim again for 2 days with no results yet, but I suspect it will start working in a week or so.
Im very confused about the effectiveness of how this regimen is/was working. I had 1 week of amazing improvement and almost no new blemishes. The next week my skin absolutely got horrible. Several new blemishes every day, up to today. My skin is extremely dry and I have on occasional used a topical antiobiotic to help that I previously used before. However Im still baffled that I was using nothing with antiobiotics and my skin was getting much better. My diet got slightly worse but was still pretty good and my skin started breaking out terrible. I ate a small loaf of bread one night and the next my skin had several new pimples. Now that Im backing to taking antiobiotics I wonder if I should have simply given this regimen more time to work. Or if it simply just wasn't going to work for me. Im planning I think on using the antiobiotics until my skin clears up again and then give this another try, and in the mean time continue doing both the antiobiotics, the enemas and the vitamins.

Please share yours thoughts.

NOTE: I was also taking two homepathic medicines he gave me. Several pellets a day, about 5 times a day. I could get the names if anyone was interested, he said they would help balance out my body. Also note that Im beginning to think the dosage of vitamin A with the squalene I got a couple weeks ago might be the cause for the second bad week (It ended up being about 60,000 iu of vit A daily). Any thoughts?

Here's some background on me too!

I've had acne since I was probably about 13. I'm 25 now. Its been very extreme at times and I would definetly consider myself as a severe case. Throughout my teens I had seen dermatologists on and off, some prescriptions helped clear up my skin for awhile. Almost every time though eventually I'd stop my meds and my acne would slowly return. Around 20 I decided I didn't want to cure my acne through a dermatologist and tried several regimens including a long usage of B5 (10-15g a day for almost 2 years which didn't work).

About 2 years ago I decided to try something different. I changed my diet to eleminate sugar (refined, I still ate fruits) and complex carbohydrates (breads, pastas and starchess). I still continued the use of my B5, and Udo's choice oil blend. These things seemed to help, but I broke down and went to see a dermatologist. I ended up getting a prescription for Bactrim DS, along with retin-a micro. I continued doing all of these things together. Amazingly it cleared up my skin, but the problem was I wasn't sure what was clearing up my skin exactly. It could have been a combination of the things, or just the derm's prescription. Though I do believe that diet had a large effect. Once my skin cleared up I tended to eat worse, but still healthy. My skin got worse but was still generally clear and breakouts were rare. I woke up for a few months thinking how nice it is to be able to look into the mirror in the morning and not worry about what I would see.

Around a year ago my presciption for Bactrim ended, my derm wanted me to take a blood test before she would prescribe more because of worries about my white blood cells. I didn't have insurance at the time and ended up trying to go a more pure route and forego antibiotics. After a month my skin started breaking out. After two months I couldn't bear to look in the mirror, I was embarrassed to see my girlfriend. I went back to my derm and agreed to take a blood test once my insurance kicked in (about 3 months later). Bactrim DS cleared my skin up again. I also still used Retin-A micro, and a topical foam clyndamicin. During the two months when my skin was breaking out badly I decided to quit the B5 which didn't help me at all. I tried a completely healthy diet with alot of natural foods, that didn't help me much either. Afterwards I contributed the Bactrim to being the one thing that helped my skin the most. This all took place around the spring of last year. I continued taking Bactrim up until about 5 weeks ago. My skin was somewhat clear, but started breaking out more because of my frequently missing doses and eating fairly unhealthy (lots of breads, sugar etc). When I stuck to my doses and eat better my skin got clearer, but not completely.

For Thanksgiving I went home. There my uncle brought me to a nutritionist/natural healer who examined my blood. It was amazing that there was so much bacteria in my blood, and the presence of white blood cells was so extremely low. I decided then to listed to what he told me to do and give it a try. The instructions he gave me are what is listed above.

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