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[QUOTE=LauraOSU05]skimom - Thanks for the warning, but I am surprisingly already aware of the harm I am causing to my face when I pick! My derm lectures me every time I go in to her office with scabs or red spots on my chin! :rolleyes:

I have tried not to pick, but I think I have some type of mild OCD....I get soooo stressed out from school and work that I just stand in front of my bathroom mirror and examine my face until I find something to squeeze at! Usually it is blackheads or whiteheads....I know better than to try and squeeze a cyst!

I think it is the worst when I apply any kind of makeup over my acne. Although it covers up the redness, it eventually looks cakey and fake, so I either scrub my face with my facewash or pick off the crusty layer left by my makeup. Then it usually bleeds, so I apply pressure with a tissue until it stops! Will the cycle ever end?????? :eek:

What can I do to help me relax a little bit more so that I am [U]NOT[/U] tempted to pick at my face! I really don't want to cut my nails b/c they take forever to grow! Any advice? How did you girls stop the pop/pick habit???[/QUOTE]

Laura - I know you've heard it all before. I was just saying don't use your nails/fingers unprotected. Wrap them in cotton or a tissue so you have a barrier between your nails and skin. I used to pick when I had it. If I didn't they wouldn't go away for weeks. So frustrating.

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