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[QUOTE=LauraOSU05]Hi again peachy420!

In the past, I used topicals only at night, but finally had the realization that I need something during the day too! I wanted to keep the daytime oil at bay!

Klaron was the first topical I used in the AM underneath my makeup. I liked how quickly it absorbed into my skin, but it always left a thin, shiny-looking "film." I think the film was blocking makeup from clogging my pores, but I did not get the results I wanted.

I really like Rosac because it goes on creamy--I wouldn't say that it is moisturizing (sulfur can be a bit drying at first), but I still feel like protects my skin! My cheeks, which are usually a bit red and dry are smoothing out quite a bit! :) I have also continued using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion for Sensitive Skin and applying jojoba oil to my really dry spots after I apply my topicals and let them absorb for a few minutes.

In my previous post, I must have jinxed myself about having no new cysts or big breakouts! :rolleyes: I don't know if it is because of my new treatments or because I just started back to Grad School after 1 month off, but I have 1 big cyst on my forehead and a bunch of closed comedones all around my mouth! The worst part is that I can't stop squeezing and/or picking....I think I just need to cut off my nails!

I agree that my skin has changed quite a bit--especially since I turned about 19 (I'm 22 going on 23 now). I used to only get acne on my forehead, now my chin is covered with whiteheads in the crease, some blackheads, and closed comedones. I usually get cysts on my chin as well! Plus I have scars I want to get rid of....I HATE HORMONAL ACNE!!! :o

Good luck with your regimen...if you have any other quetions or advice for me about my new topicals and such feel free to post some more! I will be checking the board pretty much daily now! Bye! :)[/QUOTE]

oooh - don't use your fingernails to pick. Wrap a piece of tissue paper around your fingers and use that if you must pick. Scarring risk goes way up with nails. our esthetician told us this a long time ago.

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