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I would advise you not to use Proactiv in conjunction with Accutane. Accutane alone will dry your skin out and make it more sensitive than usual, and the proactiv will just add on to the dryness and the bp from it will burn your skin. Don't overdo it. Let Accutane do it's job. Don't think that if you use two acne combatants that it's going to help you clear up faster because it won't, especially not with accutane. Your skin sounds a lot how mine used to be. A little pimple would leave behind a red mark or dark patch that would seemingly take forever to fade. I don't know if you know this, but accutane does little to nothing to red marks. Your red marks won't clear up until after treatment. The dryness will make your red marks appear redder if anything.

Also, don't use tanning lotions or skin lightening creams, because your skin becomes dependant on them, and in the long run, they just make your skin worse. Your doctor might recommend using retin-a after you're done with your course, as a lot of doctors do for post-accutane red marks.

Bottom line, let accutane take its course; don't use another acne medication unless you have your doctor's supervision and approval. And no home remedies either. You'll learn quick just how sensitive and dry your skin will get from accutane. It cleared me up and I never got an initial break out. Shortly after my accutane course, I started using retin-a micro, but it just killed my skin, because my skin is really sensitive. So if you have really sensitive skin, topicals are not the way to go. I did get a chemical peel done at a doctor's office though, and it improved the texture of my skin drastically. I'd recommend getting a chemical peel done if your red marks are still an issue months after completing your accutane course; however, there is a waiting period that goes along with that.

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