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today is my first day on accutane, but theres just one thing I wanted to ask. on my face I have these scars that are left over from blackheads from me poping them out, they were really bad the first few days I did this, the red marks would become pretty big and stick out.. well it healed abit, its not red anymore and it does not stick out, now its like a patch of black scars/spots on my face.. I dont even wanna leave my house... during the time I had this I tryed proactiv.. it worked a bit... got rid of those small acne.. but the black scars that I was talking about still stays.. its been 2-3 months since Ive used proactive and it hasent improoved abit..

well I just wanted to know.. how long does accutane usally take?, the only "acne" left i have on my face is those scars and when blemishs clears it leaves a lil dark circle, few white heads, a lil blackheads that are not noticable.. but who would want them anyways...

is it safe to use proactiv while on accutane?, I wanna try something new, I heard alot of ppl using aspirn mask the Walgreens brand? or something like that?, sry i dont know much about this stuff, just wanted to know where I could buy this product?.. i live in toronto.. i have a shoppers drug mart right downstairs my house..

one last thing.. I have a tan on my face, my backround is cambodian and im also half vietnamese, so you think my skin color would be dark, but its not, when I was a baby my skin color was really, really light as light as any chinease person would be.. ppl didnt even think me and mom were related..but when I was a kid I use to go out alot. like anykid would.. and since then my skin has gotten really dark...but my skin color was still light.. last march that just passed I went camping with my family.. by the time I got back.. oh man.. my skin color changed alot... during the time I was there, I went swimming then stayed out for like 5 hours fishing... stuff like that... if you would look at my neck near my ears and at my face you could actually see the tan I got.. well after using proactiv my face has really been uneven.. some spot would be lighter then others.. just wanted to know if theres a some kind of cream that would help get rid of my tan?? or lighting my skin.. ever since I got back from camping and had this acne problem.. I really changed.. I barley go out anymore.. try to stay away from the sun as much as possible.. cant even look ppl straight in the eye anymore.. I hate the fact that their eyes would just wonder off at my face.. and we all know what there looking at

sry about my grammer.. might be spelling mistakes or what not.. but im in a rush and have to be somewhere, just hoping for a reply when I get back home. Thanks

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