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hey again. You should just try using some makeup one day! Seriously, i know its fussy and scary at first but i really think its a good confidence booster.

Well right now im on medication for my acne but it isnt helping much. Ive tried soo many products on my face and it just doesnt do a damn thing for me. My acne is pretty bad to me, but id say mild. It never goes away though, i dont ever have days when im not broken out, u know? Im 20 yrs old and ive had this since i was 13, on my back also which is annoying.
About the love thing, I am totally going through that right now! I feel like i'll never be with anyone because im just too self concious about acne that i wont let anyone get close to me. Like how can anyone like me if i dont even like myself? So right now im feeling doomed, i'll be an old lonely maid.
God im glad im not the only one who feels this way...

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