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[QUOTE=vintagedream]thanks cassie28! :wave: i do know that i'm not alone in this, although most of the time it feels like it. LOL. ohhhh... if only we could have a cure for this. i know it's not a life-threatening disease, but it's really hard. the face is the first thing people see, and it really hurts when i look at myself in the mirror everyday, and all i see are red spots, and i don't know how to make it better! it really is frustrating.

it's even harder for me because i have only suffered from this for a year or so... so you can just imagine what's it like to face my close friends and family when they've been so used to seeing me with a clear face! i've never had acne as a teenager. so it's really attracting even more attention. i hate it! GGGGRRRRR! i'm even embarrased to look at my friends in the eye. and i'm worried too that my boyfriend will leave me because he can't stand to look at my face anymore. haha! :cool: you might laugh at me for saying that... :D

anyway, how's the aspirin mask going for you? is it working? do you have active acne now? i have 5 new spots this week. :( i don't know if it's from the cleanser that i'm using. or maybe because i'm about to get my period. also, i think it's because i haven't gotten enough sleep lately. and my diet! oh well. i'm pretty sure my system is really toxic. see i'm a big junk food eater, and my diet consist mostly of processed food and no fiber. i'm absolutely sure this has everything to do with my acne. did you try the digestive system cleanse? :)

i really hope you're correct that someday, somehow, we'll get rid of this acne... i'm praying for you too... ;)[/QUOTE]

Hey vintage since you mentioned the digestive cleanse I thought I'd jump in. I do think that is a great place to start. I'm pretty convinced that acne stems from deep inside. In fact, lots of ills can be cured when the pipes are clean it seems. I just read a book about it this week and I'll be talking to my daughter about my findings. In the current digestive cleanse thread on this board his approach seems quite simple. Just take a couple of supplements with meals and use acidophilus. A short fast to begin with seems helpful too. I'm planning to read all 85 pages of that thread today (sigh).

Junk food, commercial food and prescription drugs can add to our acne woes and other health woes. I'm committed to finding the personal cure for my daughter before she goes off to college. Right now she's on doxycycline which is not doing much, having peels, microdermabrasion and they're going to try the laser next week. Big $$$$ but I'm willing to try that stuff too for her. Now her hair is thinning and falling out!!! Accutane side effect? I'm about at my wits end.

It's my opinion that the body has a miraculous ability to heal itself when given the right tools. Heck, people have cured themselves of cancer with alternative medicine. In the past I've approached her with dietary changes (she resists) which are important but if the colon is toxic that won't work either or so I've read. JMO - I wish you the best in your quest for the answer. When we find ours I'll share.

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