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Hi, There are so many options to treat acne, and your best course for right now is to read, read , and then read some more of these threads. Doxycycline is an antibiotic that you can actually get from your family doctor, not neccesarilya derm, and alot of people say that it works for a short period of time then quits. Then again, there are other people that have been taking it for years. There are also other forms of antibiotics that is prescribed for acne. Then you have an option that is only available to women, and thats the birth control pill. Again, you have to read through the threads and determine if this could be right for you. Over the counter the biggest seller is BP (benzoyl peroxide)but alot of people here have said it doesnt work, you will have to read and find out for yourself. The latest thing that seems to be working for alot of people is the aspirin mask, again there are alot of threads here explaining how to use it and what results they rare getting from it. topicals(ointments applied directly to the face)that work for a lot of people but require a prescription either from a derm or your family doctor, are retin-a, which is a retinoid and works to unblock your pores, differin is another retinoid made by a different company basically, and antibiotic topicals with duac gel being the most popular. If you are tight on money, I would recommend going to your local planned parenthood to get the birth control pills for little or no money, and /or asking your family doctor for the doxy and retin-a. I hope this helps you to get started, everyone here on these boards are in or were in the same position you are right now, and just want to help other people or share their experiences with what has or has not worked for them, so please ask as many questions as possible (thats what we are here for!) and good luck! you can get it under control, its just a question of what works best for you. :)

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