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[QUOTE=kdogg]hey since you are a little more experienced with accutane i was wondering what your regimen is looking like?? jus curious...[/QUOTE]

i don't think i understand the question. If you are asking about my diet I do not eat any sugars but I eat very little fruit. I eat really fatty crap and all that all the time.

I am not very physically active either but I just got a excercise trainer so I'm trying harder.

I do drink about once a week and when I do drink I drink VERYYYYYYYY heavily. I can't believe my blood tests in the past have came back fine. In the past I was even drinking like 4 times a week heavily when I was 18. Now I'm down to about 1 good hard drinking night a week on the weekend if I feel my face is presentable enough.

If your asking about like my daily routine and what I do while im on accutane besides take the pill. Basically I change my pillow case everynight, I wash my face once a day in the shower with Jergens Face Wash.. It's just like cetaphil but I find it much more effective. Other then that nothing really, there's not much you can do on accutane.

I might also be completely off the course on this question let me know lol

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