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Re: Tanning
Jan 21, 2006
I know this will not be what you want to hear but is just some advice from a 37y/o who is always guessed to be anywhere from 22-28y/o. I never had acne when I was in my teens....and yes, I was always either outside or in a tanbed. I quit tanning once I got in college and am SO thankful I did!!! I do play alot of tennis (then and now) and waterski in the summer and ALWAYS make sure to use plenty of high spf sunscreen plus a cap/visor and usually sportssunglasses too. No, I'm not one of those people who's just freakish about it though wearing longsleeves and all that all the time. Just know I have my skin to live with for a long time and want it to always look its best. Anyway... I started breaking out around my late 20s and I'm not certain if the heat or just what it is that does make it better in the summer but I don't have a problem then. In the winter I will break out more easily and after trying several different (both prescription and not....and both not so expensive to VEEEEEEEERY expensive) treatments have finally found what seems to work best for me. I had used the Proactive when needed before and that had been working great and before it can't remember just what I used but it did great too (oh yeah...was something w/salicylic acid...have found that has always been a winner with me and others too I've seen from working in the health-field.....however that doesn't mean something else might be better for you so of course read the precautions and ask your dermatologist)....but this winter I REALLY needed something and started using it(proactive) religiously again but evidently a little too aggressively evidently which only made my skin worse....MUCH worse!!!...It was both dry and acned out at the same time!YUCK!! I would be lying if I said I didn't think about tanning but I like too much looking younger and not having any crows feet or lines yet at all so decided to figure something else out.
I know everyone's acne is different and even on one person their face isn't consistently all one way or another but is different all over so you have to know your face and what you need. Hopefully this will help and you won't end up worrying about acne until you're 25 and then have to start worrying about how many peels and Botox it will take to get rid of the leatherlook when you get in your 30s. I mean who wants to worry about one way or another their whole life??? And even if you do acne is much easier to treat than trying to get back the years you put on there from tanning! Here's what I did: first just being a woman and naturally having thinner skin I've used a really good undereye cream since I was probably 11y/ kidding. My face is definitely that T-Zone and when I break out it's my chin that's the biggest problem. When I was "aggressively" using the Proactive I was twice a day(or more) slathering that stuff all over my chin up to my cheekbones and then would end up with my face peeling off yet still have acne! It was really getting to me....and even painful(not just to look at either!...those cyst kind hurt and my skin felt so raw at the same time)! Anyway, I just happened to read some article one day while I was on the bike at the gym and it was on how celebrities deal w/breakouts. Ok, so it may/may not be correct but I was ready to try almost anything. It kept mentioning the proactive and I know....all the stars endorce it, blahblahblah and no, I'm not a sucker enough to believe that's ALL they do to treat their skin or all the stuff they say period but several said they used the proactive and just at night get a q-tip and dot the combination lotion just where it was needed (as opposed to my slathering technique...)....and some said they would do that morning and nite and others everyother day...just what they found fit them. No, it wasn't an advertisement either which kinda surprised me. I started doing that (I did night and morning at first then just nite and still do it just at night where it even looks like I might possibly be going to get a zit!)..and would use other products on other parts of my the eyecream or I like alot of Cliniques lotions and would use that on my neck and uppercheekbones. I just applied what was needed where and tried not to overdo or do too much. I swear it was one week and my face cleared up!! That was about 2 months ago and I've had maybe a couple ittybitty breakouts since and did the same with them(went to night and morning) and they were gone just like before. What I realized more than anything was first not to be so aggressive (sorry...don't know a better word for it) and wash my face too much, use too many products/too much of them and also to treat each part of my face with whatever was needed on that area. I am SO glad I didn't do the tanning too!! Yes, that might have been a quick fix but the acne would've come right back as soon as I stopped and while I didn't think about it in my teens or early twenties so much I can tell you now that I am SO thankful I've protected my skin the way I have. Sure I end up getting some sun in the summer but by no means bronzed and dark like I used to. If I'm going somewhere and wearing something and need it the little tan I get in the summer evened out I'll just go over to the Mystic Tan a couple nites in a row and took a bit of practice but it works great! Hey, if it's good enough for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders then I think I can find a way to make it work for me!:)
oh yeah!! one other thing (or a couple) that I think have made a difference too. No, I'm definitely not trying to sell any brands here or anything like that and I'm sure there are other companies that make the same/similar products but this is just what I ran across. Since I am oily in the T-zone but also didn't want to cover my face up with makeup and first announce to the world I'm trying to coverup everything and secondly I didn't want to clog my pores all day with it I found this stuff at the Clinique counter(I'm sure others have it too)....anyway, it's called "pore minimizer instant perfector" and it's made in a clear formula that just takes the shine away and gives your face a matte look but also comes in 2 shades and rather than put on makeup I just use it on the t-zone of my face, use a little eye concealer and then the most wonderful product of ALL!!!!!....(again Clinique just cause I'm there I guess??) but it's a little pencil that's called "Acne Solutions concealing stick" and has 2% salicylic acid in it so while it completely hides and conceals any bump,redness where a bump once was, or what looks like is going to be acne it treats it at the same time! I am HOOKED on it! You just put it where it's needed too....and yes, there were a couple times when I was first getting my skin straightened out that I felt like I had covered my whole chin in it but worked!
...uhmmmmm.....I really didn't mean for this to be so long! wow! I swear I don't mean to sound like a mom or anything....I'm not one anyway....(still loving single life and my 2 dogs and have 7 nieces and nephews who I've had ask me how I fixed my skin this winter and they did what I did and worked for them too and get enough ...well, like being the fun aunt more than momlike actually:)....) please don't take what I'm saying in the wrong way. I really am just trying to help and agree that tanning is a quick fix but can PROMISE you you'll be so happy when you're 40 and people still think you're in your 20s you'll be glad you found another way to treat the acne!
Again...sorry for the length but I do hope this helps. I want us all to look GREAT at whatever age we're at!!!!
...gee...what a novel! sorry for that!

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