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[B]IMMEDIATELY ON RISING:[/B] As soon as you wake up have 2 glasses of filtered water (warm water in winter). Have another glass an hour later.

Here is a guide to how much water you should have on rising:

[B]Lean body weight
63kg(138lbs) and under= 2 glasses
63-70kg(154lbs)= 3 glasses
70-76kg(167lbs)= 4 glasses
Over 76kg= 5 glasses.[/B]

I.E if you weigh 70kg, instead of 2 glasses, have 4 glasses.

Before you eat breakfast.Try and fit in some deep breathing exercises. You can probably find these online. This is to help you with stress as stress can be a factor to your acne. I didnt always do this...but I generally just tried to relax more and exercise. Get some fresh oxygen into your system.


Option 1
Fresh fruit salad(no canned fruit) with raw nuts,sunflower and/or sesame seeds.

Option 2
Fresh stewed fruit. With nut mixture as posted above.

Option 3
1-3 eggs cooked anyway you like with 1-3 slices of toasted wholemeal bread.Only a scrap of butter is necessary.

Option 4
Bowl of untoasted muesli with milk but no sugar.A little honey may be added.

Option 5
Wholegrain cereal or porridge with milk and LSA. (I had this every morning. A wholegrain cereal with added sultana's, cold full cream milk and LSA)


1 glass of filtered water. Thats compulsary.

You can also have herbal tea.Or ordinary tea or coffee. Milk may be added. The only sweetener you can use is honey. But try and go without sweetener.

Or a glass of vegetable or fruit juice. Fresh is best but canned ones are OK, try to get one with no additives.

(I had the water and vegetable juice)

Sip some water before and during lunch.

Option 1
Fresh salad with no salad dressing. With your choice of protein. Either skinless chicken,canned tuna or so forth.

Option 2
Wholemeal sandwich with fresh salad and your choice of protein.

You can swap salad for vegetables if desired.


Same as morning tea. Again, glass of water is compulsary. If you are hungry a handful of raw nuts or some fresh fruit is okay.(This goes for morning tea as well).
I usually had the glass of water and a cup of green tea.


Your choice of meat. Or if you do not eat meat. You can swap for eggs and cheese.
Try and follow these guidelines:
Red meat(lean) 3 times a week.
Poultry(skinless) 2 times a week.
Seafood 2 times a week.

Green and coloured vegetables must be included with every meal.Add sea salt if desires. Sauces and gravy are okay..

I usually had vegetables with chicken or tuna and occasionally red meat.

Just after dinner you must have a multi-vitamin. Check with your nautropath to see which multi-vitamin is best for you and your needs. I take Tresos-B.


If you want dessert, you can have yoghurt and fruit.

All in all depending on your weight, you have should a certain amount of water.
63kg and under= 9 glasses
70kg= 10 glasses
76kg= 11 glasses
83kg= 12 glasses
89kg= 13 glasses.


Sleep is important, make sure your getting enough sleep. This program worked for me. A good rule of thumb is that the less processed a food is, the better. You will notice that people who live on islands, have great skin, no acne, thats because all their food is pure and not processed. So stay away from processed food as much as possible.
Stay on this does work. It worked wonders for me. Dont loose heart.

Acne can be cured. Acne is a result of whats going on in your body. This program should settle your body and get it functioning properly. The idea is to stop feeding bacteria in your body by eating certain foods and cutting OUT certain foods. I noticed after being on this diet for months...if I slacked didnt matter too much, aslong as I get back into it. My acne is just better. If I eat my diet skin will show it. But either way, your acne will never be as bad.

Good luck!

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