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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Hi [COLOR=Magenta]sweetlily[/COLOR] :) I've had two microdermabrasion sessions to help my enlarged pores (as well as red marks and scarring). They were beneficial but if you're looking for a cheaper, more accessible alternative, look no further than [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Glycolic Acid[/COLOR]. The stuff works miracles! You apply it in a concentration of 30-50% with cotton wool (just like you would a toner, applying a fair amount of pressure) and leave it to seep into your pores for ten minutes. It stings like mad but I just grit my teeth and think about something else (plus, microdermabrasion hurts twice as much, easily). Then you neutralise the acid with bicarbonate of soda and that's it!

The next day you will have a red face with, perhaps, blotchy patches where you applied more pressure than other areas. The day after that your skin will be a bit flakey but it's nothing that a good moisturiser can't compensate for. And on the third day, the natural colour will return and the flakiness will subside to reveal smoother skin with tighter pores. Like anything, you have to wait at least a month before you start to notice genuine results. But once you start, you won't want to stop because it is capable of giving back your baby skin![/COLOR][/FONT]

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