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Re: Retin a micro??
Feb 14, 2006
Ok it has now been a little over 3 weeks that I have been using retin a micro. I think I am going through the initial breakout now and my skin does look worse then it use to as I now have a few big pimples on my forehead instead of the little bumps. I guess this is a good sign and indicates that it is working so I will stick with this. I also never noticed that I had blackheads on my chin but the RAM has pushed some to the surface and they were painful. So granted I may look worse but I expected this would happen. Not much peeling/redness happening so I think I am tolerating RAM pretty well.

Anyone else have any RAM success or lack there of?? I am interested in hearing peoples stories and the search on healthboards is not so good anymore.
Re: Retin a micro??
Feb 20, 2006
Well I think I went through the initial break out because now my skin is getting better. I dont have bad acne more a mild case of it but this stuff is doing the trick ~knock on wood~.

I did not think you were suppose to spot treat with RAM?? I use it exactly as directed and I sleep with it on.

My skin has not had any bad side effects just some slight peeling and a little dryness on my chin. It has drawns out several blackheads.My forehead is almost clear and that is where my problem was. I also use the new Purpose redness reducing moisterizer (spf 30) and this does not leave my skin greasy. I was using cetaphil daily moisterizer spf 15 and although it did not break me out my skin was like an oil slick with it on.

My hopes are that my skin will be 98% clear in a few more weeks. So far this is great stuff.

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