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Hey, I just recently registered so I could exchange some ideas with all of you,
I'm interested in finding anyone who has tried Olive Leaf extract for their according to an acne e-book I purchased, one hindrance to a good working liver are mycotoxins produced by parasites or yeast? and supposedly, the olive leaf kills the parasites etc...and this doesn't usually completely clear your acne but usually makes it so much better and easier to control and in some cases clears it totally. I just wanted to put that out there in case you were controlling your diet 100% and frustrated, meanwhile perhaps you had an underlying problem in which your liver was so stressed out by clearing the mycotoxins produced by the parasites, that it wasn't able to clear all the hormones it needed to and any diet changes you made didn't do much. This e-book is really interesting if anyone is interested I can give you the site about it. Unfortunately I haven't had the willpower to follow all of the advice long enough to really honestly judge whether or not I could clear my skin by diet. I would go for like a week or two with no sugar, and no dairy, very few carbs and then break it by eating a candy bar and excusing it by saying, well it is only organic beet sugar and organic chocolate, one or two bites won't hurt...So I have to be fair and say that while dieting didn't clear my acne, I have not followed it to the letter 100% of the time either!
The e-book also says that you should combine the flaxseed oil with a sulphur rich protein, he suggests making your own kefir using unpasteurized goat milk but I was so lazy I never got around to that part...well to tell you the truth, the idea seemed unattractive to me, kind of gross, so instead I used organic yogurt. Now the yogurt contains sulphur rich protein but at the same time contains casein, the gluey stuff, so I was still ingesting an acne trigger that SweetJade has told us all about. Even the soy cheese I found contained casein, on the label, so it was difficult for me to give up dairy, I still haven't been able to do that 100%. It was hard for me to follow the acne-diet and maintain my energy level, but for a few weeks I ate extra-virgin unrefined coconut oil, 1/2 - 1 full tablespoon per day spread over my steamed veggies, and this really helped even though extra virgin unrefined coconut oil is a saturated fat, it did not trigger my acne at all and it made me eat less throughout the day, a few times I actually forgot to eat since I wasn't craving foods at all. It really helps to stabilize blood sugar, when I exercised and ate the coconut oil I actually lost weight rather quickly, but when I stopped exercising the weightloss went away.
I am also interested in learning about anyone's experience using Neem capsules, or Neem topically on the skin. Neem is a tree used in Ayurvedic medicine that is very cooling, anti bacterial and also helps to control blood sugar. It felt divine when I applied it as a paste topically because it soothed the inflammation immediately and did not dry out my skin but did help to dry the sores and to heal them, and my skin cleared after 2 weeks of taking Neem capsules internally, but then suddenly the effect on controlling breakouts stopped working and my acne seemed to get worse. But it still felt cooling and seemed to help topically. Although internally the effect was gone. This was really strange for me but the same e-book I read explained this phenomena in this way: That when taking an anti-parasitic herb sometimes you experience "die-off" reactions and also that when taking cleansing herbs it helps at first because you set the liver off balance but then it regains its old habit and so because of this you should cycle the herbs between liver Cleaning and liver Building. I guess you could compare this to cleansing your skin vs moisturising your skin. For example, if taking a liver cleansing herb you should take it for a few weeks and then stop and for a few weeks take a liver building herb that boosts liver *function* like milk thistle or jerusalem artichoke, and then cycle back to the cleansing herb.
Are any of you familiar with this technique, does it make sense?

Also I am interested in anyone's experiences or knowledge with taking Tulsi. It is another herb used in Ayurvedic medicine to balance hormones, and control blood sugar, in particular androgenic hormones and is also used often for diabetes and or for stress. When we are stressed as you know our cortisol goes up, and our blood sugar, which makes our acne worse, and Tulsi supposedly is an adaptogen that helps the body deal with stress. I used to drink a Tulsi tea a few yrs ago and I do remember it helped with my stress but I don't remember it clearing my skin, but then again I cannot highlight enough that my diet has never been perfect for acne either. I do eat alot of dairy. Maybe if my diet was perfect, these additions would have improved it even further.
Triphala is an Ayurvedic blood cleanser made from three fruits. I really love Triphala because after taking it last summer my skin cleared for a week completely while I was not controlling my diet at all ( I know not a big deal to you but for me was a new thing and this was also in the hot muggy humid weather of south carolina, which was amazing for me. ) also at the time I completely was out of any topical acne product, I was broke and had no extra money for pro-activ stuff and was cleaning my face with first olive oil to soften oil and remove dead skincells and then alcohol-free witch hazel toner, to remove the extra olive oil and I know the olive oil would SO break me out today as I don't have any triphala.
So these are just ideas as far as additions to a good diet for acne that might help any of you, I would be so happy to hear if any of it has helped you.

Oh before I go, there is one thing I dont need to ask but want to tell you that FRESH plucked aloe vera straight off the plant, split open and spread over my acne is the ONLY thing that heals my blemishes, and it works fast sometimes overnight, and it doesnt give me dry skin as so many anti-acne products do...I still get break outs yes, but this helps to heal it, it will also remove the dark spots left after a blemish goes away, so buy an aloe vera plant!!!
Good luck :)
and looking forward to any responses...

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