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Re: Accutane
Aug 24, 2006
[QUOTE=Cassie4u22]Camellia Oil for nighttime moisturizing is amazing. I always wake up with healthy, glowing, skin (and I'm on Accutane - second course). For daytime I usually wear Epiderm Derma Butter. This is a good moisturizer for day b/c it is just heavy enough for dry Accutane skin, but not heavy enough to make you look oily and smudge your makeup later on.

As for lips? I have tried pretty much everything in the book between these two courses of Accutane, and I have found that good ol' Vaseline still works best. I put it on at night and wake up with perfectly moisturized lips, then I put a dab on before I run out the door for classes and work and my lips stay moisturized the entire day. Any other moisturizer will only last a couple hours (at best!) and you'll end up with goopey flakes of dry skin (at least, that's how my lips are if I don't use vaseline!)

Good luck, I think you are making the best decision to fight your acne! I LOVE ACCUTANE!! I told my derm that if it was possible that I would totally be on this stuff forever! haha... he kinda gave me a nervous laugh on that one. lol. Anyways, good luck and keep us updated.[/QUOTE]

hey i was wondering if you had any luck with your scars using the camellia oil while you were on accutane? cus i know it says to use morning and night but in your case you only used it at night. just wanted to know if it was still as effected only using it once a day. thanks!

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