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Darl....Majority of us here are where you are now or have been where you are now.

I remember a time when I felt exactly the same as you do. I basically just got depressed and it killed me the fact that I was "so vain" to let my skin get me down. But it is harder than people think....Even now the thought of my acne coming back makes me shiver. I am so fanatical about diet and skin because of it. Even chicken pox freak me out.

Although your diet in itself sounds healthy...but you may not be getting all the nutrients and minerals you need. on salads will not clear up your skin. There is something your body isnt getting. You need to find out the RIGHT foods to eat. And clean your system out. Get your liver working properly and clear yourself of any foods you may be allergic to without even knowing.

I recommend you go on the diet I posted
"How I cured my acne, no pills required!"

This is how I cured myself from acne.

Besides that, I recommend a visit to the Nautropath.

And cleanse your face every night with full cream milk.

It is my personal belief that most of those cleansers out there make acne worse. Especially if you suffer from acne to the point where your skin is inflamed. RUbbing these chemicals on your face will make it worse..

Your aim when cleansing should be to soothe and gently remove dirt. Full cream milk is not only the cheapest solution..but the BEST solution I have found.

This acne is just a symptom of something going on inside your body.

You can beat this.

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