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ironically, i was going to post a new thread about this too!!!

it seems everytime i do some sort of sweating activity (i sweat a lot unfortunately - esp on my forhead) like dancing or running, I break out in a bunch of whiteheads. This is so disheartening. I don't feel like doin any fun activities as a result.

I played tennis on friday for 2 hours in 50 degree weather and didn't sweat too much as i would've in 80-90 degree weather but still broke out (esp around my t zone - namely my nose area).

Exercise is sUPPOSED to help acne, not make it worse. I want to exercise so i gain some mass/weight but am too afraid to do that. I'm even afraid of dancing because this.

However, I must say that i have very flaky, dry skin as a result of all the drying products i use. I think that the sweat combine with dry skin, clogs my pores even though my nose area doesn't seem to have visibly dry, dead skin. Nonetheless, I've been workin on exfoliating better. I have never moisturized because everything seems to break me out! This could be a reason for this. However, I've just tried a test patch of Silkia Camellia Oil on my beard area to see if i react to it. Hopefully this will be the moisturizer i've been waiting for. I think if i can get rid of my dry and dead skin consistently than maybe this would not be a problem for me.

Could anyone suggest the reason why I break out every time i do a sweating activity!? After my tennis match, i immediately put on a sulfur, salicylic acid, tea tree oil acid mask to take care of the sweat and bacteria. Maybe I'm not cleaning my face too well.

Sorry for the long post, but i'm just frustrated because I want to BE ACTIVE and not afraid of sweating. Can someone give me some advice?


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