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[QUOTE=Dalacined]blackgheads appear often in my cheeks. annd after sometime they become[/QUOTE]

Try the aspirin mask. It's a miracle treatment for blackheads. I can't reccomend it enough.

And since the aspirin mask discussions have become so long and full of comments from people complicating something that isn't, here's an explaination in a nutshell (gleaned from the discussions):

Aspirin is and/or is derived from salicylic acid or vice versa. Salicylic acid being the active ingredient in most pore clearing topicals and cleansers. Apparently putting the dissolved aspirin on your skin is like an extra strong salicylic acid treatment.

Use any plain aspirin you can get to dissolve, obviously uncoated is best and cheapest. Add a small amount water to several tablets and let them dissolve. Apply the paste and let dry and wash off as in a mask. Apply as a mask and wipe off excess before or after it dries leaving residue on overnight. Or use it as a scrub. Whichever.

It doesn't stick after it dries and becomes a powder that gets everywhere and makes you sneeze. That would be the main reason to use the other methods rather than let it dry on your skin.

Most of the people reporting success on this board are using it daily. I use it totally irregularly and still have had great results. I have rosacea and I think it aggrevates it a bit, but mostly I just don't use it on the most sensitive areas.

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