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hi. i'm a long time sufferer of acne(since age 11 now i'm 27), and your post was really interesting. i have done a lot of research on acne but admit i don't actually use what info i find. i've been through it all antibiotics, creams, gels, even Accutane. I was really scared to go on it for a long time, but finally decided to try it. and it actually worked for a while. I had six month of clear paradise before it came back. Tazorac .1 %cream worked for me too. but my prescription ran out and i've grown tired of basically throwing away my money on a lost cause (my face) i will never try Accutane again, just too much i just use products i see at stores. i actually like Dove's gentle scrub a lot. so any way i've decided to do more research and actually use it. i think i've actually been in denial about how bad my skin is. and it is pretty bad. i almost alway have at least a couple active pimples on my face. plenty of scars and the ever present oil which is always oddly accompanied my dry peeling skin. any way the question i had for you was what kind of food do you eat? do you just stick to the anti-candida diet? what do you eat like on a regular basis? snacks? what type of breakfast, lunch, and dinners do you have? i'm a big junk food addict, who needs to be stopped, and would really like to know what specific things you eat. thanks.this would really help a lot.

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