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Can someone give me a full detailed list of a diet that they follow that has shown to help out there acne situation. I mean exactly what you eat for every meal through out the day.

I was doing some research on the internet and looking at old threads on this site and am now aware of the impact that diet has on acne. I'm a 19 year old male and i've been eating unhealthy for most of my life. I've always been skinny and in shape so I figured I could eat whatever I wanted since I wouldn't gain any weight. I now realize that although unhealty food might not casue be to gain weight or cause other health problems, it does cause bad acne.

There have been times in my life where i have ate realitivly healthy for a period of time and noticed a small reduction in acne. And other times when i've eatin really unhealthy for a period of time and noticed big spikes in acne, but never really put to much thought into this patern. Recently I ate a ton of burgerking one day, tons of KFC the next day, pizzia and french fires the next day ect ect.. and saw a huge increase in acne. For the next week I ate less fast food and over time my acne went down slightly.

For a long time now i've been on a very unhealtly eating partern. I've always drank a ton of milk, as I don't like soda, or coffee, or ice tea ect. I've eaten tons of starches and carbs. The only vegatables I eat are potatoes and corn. Never anything green. I've eaten very little to no fruit. I've eaten tons of pasta, rice, macaroni. And probally the worst thing tons of junk food like potato chips.

I used to eat chocolate all the time but stopped half way through high school, and noticed my acne wasn't as bad. I usually never eat chocolate but every once in a while i do. Like I ate a whole bag of M&M's during christmas break and notice a spike in acne over the course of the next few days. I determined a while ago that chocolate impacted my acne but never really thought about the other food.

After doing research it seems as though some of the worst foods for acne are dairy, sugar, junk food ect.. and that's all i really eat. What I would like to know is what kind of foods make up a good diet to reduce acne, and what specifically you eat. Every time i read something it says don't eat this or don't eat that, but doesn't really give a layout for what a regular diet structure should be.

For those you have been following a diet and have had big drop off in acne, what exactly are you eating? I read that cereal is bad. So what is alright to eat in the morning? Would a couple of eggs and orange juice be alright? Some places listed bread as be very bad, and others say it's fine. Is there a certain type of bread that is bad, and one that is good? And does toasting it make it alright? I read that most meats are good to eat, as is seafood. I like tuna so i wouldn't mind eating that, but how much is too much, and how much is the right amount?

I'm a picky eater but i'm willing to change my diet if it means a drop off in acne. I know eating chicken and vegtables is alright, but I can't eat the same dinner every night. So is there anyone that is willing to list out a weekly diet that they have been following, that is resonable.

I know that exericise is important too. I was reading some things that say a high amount of carbs are alright, but only if you exersice for at least 30 mintues right after you eat them. Is this the case? Has anyone tried this?

Also if you could list out what you use on your face. What exact products you use, and how you use them throught out the day.

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