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hey everyone!
ifirstly, im so glad i found these boards coz i live in England, UK, so there isnt much help sites for acne as it isnt as common over here.

Anyway, iv had acne for 6 years now (im 17) and for the last two yrs it has remained severe. ive tried erythromycin, minocyclin, dianette contraceptive pill (fink it translates to the USA version of Diane-35?) and have used Zineryt topical gel, Benzyol peroxide and am currently on Differin.

My regime at the mo is:
Tea tree face wash
simple moisturiser (it says it contains B5)
8 glasses of water per day
Dianette pill for acne
Multivitamins and zinc
Differin gel.

None of the above has helped the slightest. i have started using apple cider vingar during the day but wash it off b4 bed to allow me to use differin. Should i try somethin completely different? Shud i go to the doctors again and ask for benzyol peroxide cream again instead of differin as i hear more positive stuff about that on here than about differin (ive only been on differin 3 weeks though)

Uk stores dont sell B5 as a supplement on its own. Where caN I get it from? and if i find it somewhere, how many tablets of B5 do i take a day for severe acne?

sorry for all the questions, acne has destroyed my teenage years that r supposed 2 b the best years and i dont want to reach 18 with all this again. my derm suggested Roaccutane but my family forbid me to go on it for the side effects, and im worrid even if i went on it, came off it for a while, wud the acne return>?

Thanks everyone in advance, hope to hear ur responses!! and if any1 readin this is from UK please reply thanx pals!

em xxxx

Smile :-)

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