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Have you tried Ezekiel bread? It's not made from flour - it's made from a variety of sprouted grains - it's usually in the freezer section of health food stores, sometimes supermarket chains carry it. It was highly recommended to me as a "live food" by a naturapathic nutritionist, and after eating it for a while, I have a hard time eating bread made from flour. You have to look careful at ingredients, though, because I bought a different brand of sprouted bread and didn't realize until later that they added gluten as an ingredient. Using this bread, it is possible to make some healthy sandwiches (the bread is much heavier though, and may take some time getting used to).

When I need to make a healthy lunch to go, I'll get some organic chicken breast, slice it thin and cook on the stove in a little olive oil. It cooks in no time, then I cut it up and add it to a tupperware of salad or diced peppers - you can sautee some onions or garlic to add some flavor.

Also - organic yogurt works well as a quick lunch, if there's someplace to refrigerate it till it's needed. Yogurt and other probiotics are especially good for people with candida, which is a causer of acne. Make sure it's organic, though, otherwise you're ingesting tons of antibiotics, artificial hormones, pesticides, and whatever else they pump into the factory raised animals.

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