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I'm about to begin using Accutane pretty soon, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me to watch out for or to use while on it? For example, dry lips? dry skin? nose bleeds? hair thinning? eye vision? what's a good face wash to use? etc.
accutane has been a lifesaver for me. all these people who say there are other things you can use, it might be true for them, but it wans't for me. i had used 4-5 oral antibiotics. none of them worked even slightly. now, after 6 months on accutane with minimal side effects, i still get a zit or two here and there, but it is such an improvement!

dry skin: for me, most any moisturizer worked. purpose, cetaphil. both excellent. cetaphil if you're very dry.

dry lips: exfoliate gently every day with a wet washcloth. just rub it back and forth between your lips. this is to get the nasty dead skin off. proceed to slather with aquaphor. I use the stuff all the time.

dry eyes: eyedrops.

dry nose: slather aquaphor up your nose, too! it helped keep me from getting nosebleeds. just stick a dab up your nostril (lovely, i know).

hair thinning: not likely. it happens, but not often.

depression/suicide: there are no official links between these and accutane. as my derm says, the links are legal, not medical. if you start getting majorly depressed, call your doctor and stop taking accutane. i have only been happier since i started accutane. you do need to be aware of this as a side effect though.

my favorite face wash for accutane patients, which i will probably use for the rest of my life, is Eucerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser.

Good luck, and keep us updating on your progress!!

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