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I had this really bad spot on my neck a few months a go. It was like a giant
white head! Was Disgusting. Seriously this thing was massive and it was right at the bottom by my adams apple so it was constantly in view. :mad:

Anyway, after about 3 days, it went down to a flat red mark which has been with me ever since. You couldn't really notice it thanks to stubble... But anyway, yesterday, after shaving, a full two months later its decided to make a come back! The exact same place. I can tell because its bang on the mark it left before. It doesn't seem quite as bad as before but its definitely as big, fat, red and annoying.

Has anyone else had one that's gone and then come back before? It sucks.

Below are some factors that i think may influence spots on my neck:

[b]The Shaving:[/b] Although i stopped shaving with a razor about 3 years a go which had a massive improvement on my skin, i still get the occasional nasty one!

[b]The Scarf:[/b] Its really cold here right now so i've been wearing a scarf. That material rubbing at your neck all day while you're shopping can't be good... can it?

[b]The After shave:[/b] I'm a sucker for expensive nice smelling things. I find it hard to leave the house without a few sprays of DKNY,Aramis or CK... Could this be a problem? I try to put it on my upper body rather than my neck...

[b]The Girlfriend:[/b] She sleeps with her head on my chest... i wonder if her hair products aggravate my skin? Her hair occasionally touches my neck...

Can anyone else shed any light on this situation? Anyone else suffer with neck spots? :(

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