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Roaccutane time
Feb 9, 2006
[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Hey there, I'm starting this Roaccutane journal which I plan to update every week or so. Hopefully people who are considering, or might have tried Accuatane/Roaccutane or any other brands will find it interesting, or useful.

My doctor had me on the four major anti-acne antibiotics for the last two years in varying doses, and combined with various topicals (differin gel, benzomycin). Minocycline produced some short term results, but they were fleeting, replaced by long lasting red marks as soon as the initial spots had faded. The others, including Ipral - which I believe is a tertiary antibiotic usually prescribed for people with kidney or liver problems .. not sure which - had little to no positive effect.

Deciding that it was time for a second opinion, he referred me to a dermatologist. She discussed whether or not I'd be willing to start roaccutane - I have to say, that was what I was hoping - but I had a number of concerns. I'm a fairly sporty person usually, injured at the moment, but I do capoeira when I'm not. 5 months without capoeira ... it ain't gonna happen. I said that I'd put up with the muscle pains, if I get them. She also added that my skin "isn't bad, but it isn't great". Explaining that while the severity of my acne wouldn't really warrant Roaccutane, its stubbornness wasn't leaving many options.

So anyway, she sent me for my blood test a couple of weeks ago, and my prescription arrived today - 2x 20mg Roaccutane tablets taken at the same time daily. As for my vital stats - I'm a 20 year old male, I've had acne for about 4-5 years. It's ranged from mild to about bang in the middle of moderate, but like I said, it is extremely stubborn.

[b][u]My regimen[/u] [/b]

[b]2x 20mg Roaccutane tablets[/b] once daily
[b]2x Psyllium Husks[/b] and [b]1x Activated Charcoal[/b] twice daily, and one probiotic yoghurt. I haven't personally seen a huge difference made by this, but it can't do any harm. Hopefully.

[u]Morning / Evening[/u]

Wash with a tea tree oil cleanser (going to change this when I find something suitably gentle and effective ... any recommendations?)
Moisturize with Aqueous Cream - as recommended by the derm, I personally don't like it too much though. It's dirt cheap however, so that's nice, I guess.

Contemplating applying tea tree oil to individual spots as well for the duration of the treatment, any thoughts on that?

Take care, :wave:[/color]
[Color=YellowGreen] Day 1 - 9th Feb 06 [/COLOR]

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