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Hey Back,

I've used Accutane four times now and am starting a fifth time (low-dose/long-term). Honestly, the degree to which Acutane works is a crap shoot.

The first two times I took it I had great results and the effects lasted several years. The last two times I cleared up 100% while on it but immediately began breaking out when done (within the first month). Each time I've used higher and higher dosages.

The good thing about accutane though, is that it helps most people while they are on it and it works pretty fast. I'd rather have some side effects and 100% results quickly and for at least 6 mos as opposed to pills and topicals where you get a 50% chance for only mediocre results and a long wait period (6-8 weeks minimum for topicals and pills to work) and then you can still become acclimated to the pills etc. and they no longer work!

Since you want to have children, please be very careful! You absoultely do not want an unborn child exposed to accutane at any level. Also, I've known a lot of women who had completely clear skin before having children, but the pregnancy messed their hormones up and the broke out terribly while pregnant and then remained that way after the pregnancy. I don't want to scare you, but you should be prepared for this when becoming pregnant and have a plan of how to deal with the acne while pregnant (you could use accutane again after the pregnancy).

And Rich is correct about the free accutane program. I've used accutane 4 times for high doses and I was very fortunate to receive it free EVERY time! If you have health insurance though, you may be refused (or you could always say that it won't cover accutane ;) ). If your derm won't do it, or says that he already has several people using the free accutane program and can't fit in another, keep going to derms until you find one who will help you.

Best of luck to you!

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