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To answer your initial question, the gel form is stronger than the cream form in the Differin, and if you have never been on anything before this, maybe your derm prescribed the weaker one for you. As with any of this stuff, it will take several weeks(12) for you to see any results. New blemishes coming out were there to begin with and the medication is bringing them out.

I used Differin gel for about 10 weeks along with Clindamycin topical in the morning. It was not strong enough for me and my cystic acne. I have recently changed to a plan of oral antibiotic, Duac(which I really think is helping alot) in the morning and Tazorac cream at night. The first few days I did get the redness and drying but I am applying a light moisturizer called Complex 15 if I feel dry. I know people here do not like bar soaps but I am using Basis for sensitive skin and I like it alot. It is mild and my therapy is strong so I need a mild cleanser.

Good luck with the Differin. Be patient and give it time to work. :)

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