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I have recently read that some people take high doses of Vitamin A to achieve the effects of Accutane (isotretinoin). Is this even realistic? I know isotretinoin is related to Vitamin A, but don't they have totally different effects when ingested?

Has anyone tried it and if so, does it work?

I'm sure you know high doses of vitamin A can be fatal.

But i would guess that its not as easy as poppin vitamin A pills.
Yeah I can't see that as being safe. Accutane is specifially made for people and come with soooo many warnings. Just popping vitamin A seems to be honest, kind of dumb to me. Most ppl wont know how much to take, since not everyone on accutane takes the same amount either. Im not being harsh at all here lol, just stating I dont think that would be the same or good for you/anyone :)
Yeah, I'm aware of the negative side effects of the vitamin A regimen, but that doesn't surprise me because Accutane is the same. I'm just curious as to why doctors wouldn't just prescribe large doses of vitamin A instead of Accutane with all its negative publicity and whatnot if it's as good. I've been reading about this and I guess there are 3 different forms of vitamin A. So has anyone out there had this work for them or is it completely weak?

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