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Feb 15, 2006
Ok im gonna start this differin journal but i dont think many people are going to be as interested as in if was an accutane journal.. but im going to do it anyways. im on my second week but i have some information from the first week and on.

One Week
-Acne got worse all over. (Especially on chin and sides of mouth)
-Face was really dry.
-Face really burned after washing face with a cleanser.
-Bit of peeling was going on.

One Week and 6 Days
-Skin finally got used to Differin and was not burning anymore
-Still a bit of dry skin.
-4 new pimples on right upper side of mouth. (Looking into the mirror)
-2 new pimples on the left side-One above mouth and one kind of on the cheek.
-Couple pimples below lip-just about on chin.
-Forehead is getting a lot better! (Pimples not as red and aren’t as big and less breakouts are happening)
-I see some little bumps under bottom lip, left side of face and right side of face. Don’t know if there are incoming white heads or not?

2 Weeks
-Bad morning… 1 new white head on right upper side of mouth + 3 small bumps that look like incoming white heads. That is a total of 8 pimples all in one spot!
-Also one new white head right on the jaw line and another white head on the left upper side of mouth.
-Forehead has no new breakouts but there is a big bump on my chin that I think is going to take a while to get rid of…

Why am i getting so many ****ing pimples? is it a food im eating or what? One idea i think it is is sugar so im not gonna eat any high sugar products.

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