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Does anyone know the difference or why the gel is so much cheaper? I am curiuous to know if anyone has used the gel and has any comments on it.

I am currently cleared of my cystic acne via mino and taz cream and a very gentle skincare regiman....but now I want to rid my [U]extremely[/U] oily skin and my derm said I could try Accutane to jump kick my body into less oil production....obviously NO oily production for a bit....but then after it may reprogram my body (becasue we've tried many other things and I still have acne on my back, chest and upper arms) face is mostly clear now, just scars.

Any thoughts on the gel vs. the capsules of Accutane? Do they work the same or am I better of taking out a loan for the Accutane LOL?

Anyone? Yes I know the cons of Accutane....please do not comment if you wish to rip on me about Accutane.....thank you.

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