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I have been suffering from acne on and off again in my twenties. I notice that when I have tried some new product, or go off of the Proactiv for a period of time, that is when I break out. I went off of it this past year since my skin had cleared up tremendously. It was only a matter of time and I began having regular breakouts again. This last one was pretty bad, so I went back to Proactiv and my skin is looking it's best again. I do believe that there are OTC treatments that will work just the same, since Proactiv is basicly a BP treatment; however, with my busy schedule and frustration with trying different things, Proactiv works best for me. I use the toner followed by the repairing lotion religously every night. In the mornings I use Camelia Oil to moisturize then the repairing lotion on pimples under my makeup. The only reason I really stopped was because I kept hearing how it can damage your skin. Honestly, I have been using Proactiv now for about 3 years and my skin still looks young and healthy.I really just think you have to avoid your eyes, other than that I don't see any long term damage. I recently started using their sulfur mask after that big breakout and it really cleared up my skin even faster. I use it now when I feel a zit coming on and the zit never really amounts to anything. Even my red marks are fading, but that may be contributed to the Camelia Oil. The only other advice I have is to definitly use a moisturizer every day and SPF when in the sun. I'm sure there are cheaper ways, but really I only spend about $100/year on it since I don't need shipments as frequently. The stuff lasts quite a while. It's nice just to have two products to use every night and know I don't have to run around drugstores trying new things.
Hope this helps!

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