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Hi Bunny,

Just came across your post. I visited a naturopath in May this year, following failed attempts at healing my cystic acne with Mino and Retin-A. I was told the next step was accutane and my derms were pushing this treatment despite my concerns about the medication.

Naturopathy concentrates on helping the body cure itself with natural therapies such as herbs, nutrition, osteopathy and massage.

The naturopath I visited, looked into my eyes (iridologist)and discussed the imbalances that were present in my body. From his diagnoses, he prescribed a herbal tonic (a natural herbal immuno-stimulant and antioxidant) which rids/flushes your body of all those nasty toxins and is supposed to assist in restoring balance to your body.

He also prescribed a dermatolgical cream - a specially formulated homogenous mass of activated herbs, such as Fucus Vesiculous, Arctuim Lappa Root, Rosa canina fruit, Equisetum arvense herb....too many to list. I can apply this cream liberally to my face as often as i want without any drying effects.

I have had amazing results. I am into my fourth week of treatment and my biggest cyst (i had this cyst since late January) has reduced in size significantly and is very close to disappearing all together. My cysts on my right cheek are practically gone -and my naturopath has assured me his cream will help heal my pitted scarring.

I decided to visit a naturopath as a last resort and had decided that if this failed, I would then go on accutane.

I should also say that although I have had great success with the treatment so far, I never really had any previous problems with acne in my teens or early 20's. I had my first breakout at 29 and have found that severe emotional or stressful situations aggravates my skin.

Good Luck with your treatments!

[This message has been edited by desperate for a remedy! (edited 06-04-2003).]

[This message has been edited by desperate for a remedy! (edited 06-04-2003).]

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