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So after trying lots of many different products, I think that I have found my acne cure. I just wanted to say that this may not work for everyone, but it certainly has for me.

I'm trying a line on HSN called Serious Skin Care. It comes with a wash, bp cream w. tea tree oil in it, and also a cream. There are no toners needed. Please note that if you don't want to get the full bottles they have both a $10 trial size and $20. I started off with the $10 3 piece system and saw marked improvement within a week. My face was COMPLETELY clear by week 2.

The background of my skin. Not horrible, but it seemed as though I would have a new pimple each week, eventually it was a couple and then although my face was never fully covered with zits, they left horrible scarring. Also, I would tend to get whiteheads (which even if you are super careful pop on their own) and I also had rash like mini bumps on the sides of my face.

Methods that I tried:
Proactive (worked initially, but then stopped)
Eating Healthy (actually worked somewhat, but I didn't have the patience or dedication to eat so strictly, I'm pretty sure that if I had more patience, I could have eliminated my acne.) Important note: since my new regimen, I have been eating whatever I wanted, candy, pizza, sweets and haven't broken out with the exception of a 2 small pimples underneath my jaw area.
Holistic methods: using tea tree cleanser with castile soap ( the castile soap might have made my skin worse) but using natural products didn't work either.
Apple Cider Vinegar (one minute it worked, the next it didn't. Also at one point it produced a rash like red bumps on the side of my face)
Acne Cure: this actually worked for me, but using the icepacks were too time consuming. I do still apply some of the acne cure principles to my cleansing regimen.

So here is my regimen, it's very simple

Serious Skin Care Acne cleanser (one of the best I have ever used, not tight or dry and face feels really soft afterwards)
Alpha Hydrox souffle ( I am using this to help fade my scarring. Those of you who don't use glycolic creams, I would not recommend, as it may irritate your skin.
Serious Skin Care SA moisturizer cream
Usually I follow with an SPF as their moisturizer cream does not come with an SPF

SSC cleanser
SSC BP Cream
SSC SA moisturizer cream
These products are so effective that you can use BP once a day and be fine. If you feel like u are about to break out, use the BP twice a day. Also, start of with one application of the SA moisturizer, you will see results u don't need to rush with these products. After a week, u should be able to use the SA cream twice a day.

1 or 2 a week, I have been exfoliating with Dessert Essence Scrub. This will not cure acne, but I highly believe in exfoliating the skin to help unclog pores.

2-3 times a week, I use a sulfer mask. Currently using Queen Helen mint julip. Because of the results of the Serious Skin Care, I have placed my self on auto delivery and I just tried their sulfer mask the other night which is AWESOME. It will dry up any pimples that you feel coming to the surface right away!

As I stated before, this may not work for everyone. But I really, really, REALLY believe in this product. Go to the HSN website and you can see all of the great reviews. Also, not only can you get a trial size of their products, but if you order off HSN you can return it within 30 days and get your money back. So you have nothing to lose. I now know that while food can definitely affect how your skin looks, the products that you actually use can make ALL the difference.

ALSO, another great find : EGYPTIAN MAGIC CREAM!!!! I have been using this for 2 weeks. Many celebrities use this AND Serious skin Care. The Egyptian magic cream will reduce redness. After 2 weeks, my redness is decreased and I am noticing that my brown spots are slightly fading. Now EMC is expensive. Most stores sell it for $30 bucks, but it will last forever. I was fortunate enough to get mine on sale at the health food store for $18.99. Also on the EMC it says if you aren't satisfied to take it back where you got it and have them reimburse you. On the EMC website, it says it cures a whole slew of things, I've only been using it on my face. It also says that it doesn't get rid of old scars, but I have a noticed a slight differnce, it definitely gets rid of red marks

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